3 x 230v Brushed Chrome Surface/Recessed Mounted Under-Cabinet Lights

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The total electrical power used of the light. A higher wattage no longer guarantee’s that the light is brighter. EG: there are LED products which are 5w which is equal in brightness to a 50w incandescent bulb.
Average Life (Hours)
Average Life (Hours)
IP Rating
IP Rating
Beam Angle
Beam Angle
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3 x 230v Brushed Chrome Surface/Recessed Mounted Under-Cabinet Lights
£34.87 £41.85

Are you having problems with productivity? Maybe your workspace looks dull; that's why you don't feel motivated. The answer is simple, lights! A well-lit workspace will give you more inspiration and will keep you more alert. So, enhance your work area with our 3 Pack of Mains Powered Brushed Chrome Surface/Recessed Mounted Under-Cabinet Lights! 

This product has a simple design which is perfect for a minimalist and modern interior. At 2.6w per light, it produces a brightness of 208 lumens and a 120-degree beam angle! Because of its low energy consumption, you can continue to have a bright space without jacking up the electricity bill! Also, you can continue to enjoy your lights for a long time since it has an average life of 30,000 hours! 

When it comes to installation, these under cabinet lights do not need an LED Driver to work. You can find everything you need inside the box! These lights can also be mounted directly on the surface or recessed into a cut-out hole. 

Our Mains Powered Brushed Chrome Surface/Recessed Mounted Under-Cabinet Lights are available in two colours, natural white light and warm white light. So, how do you know which one would suit you the best? Here's our recommendation.

  • Natural White Light - It resembles a cloudless sunny day and is on the cooler range of the spectrum. It’s ideal for task light because it's bright but not too hard on the eyes.
  • Warm White Light - It resembles an old 60w incandescent bulb. This colour makes a good accent light and helps create a relaxing and cosy atmosphere. 

We offer a 3-year warranty for this product, so don't worry and enjoy your lights to the fullest!

More Information
Cable Length 1500mm
Length 33mm
Average Life (Hours) 30,000
Height 13mm
IP Rating IP20
Finish Brushed Chrome/Nickel
Beam Angle 120°
Lumens 208
Diameter 65mm
Dimmable Non-Dimmable
Input Voltage 220-240v
Power 2.6w
Warranty 3 Years
Cut Out Hole 57mm
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