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Do you have an urgent project but don't have enough budget for the materials? Planning to upgrade your home but can't afford to pay a massive amount? With Klarna, all these problems will be solved! 

Simple Lighting's collaboration with Klarna enables us to offer an effortless and safe way to allow you to purchase what you need now and pay later. With this, you have more breathing space between payments and not be heavily burdened by the initial cost!

Using Klarna is as simple as attaching an LED strip under your kitchen cabinets! Once you’re done adding to your basket, select Klarna as your payment method, choose your payment plan, and complete your checkout. Afterwards, we’ll prepare your orders and deliver them to your doorsteps!


Pay In 3 or Pay In 30 Days

With Klarna, you can pay for your LED lights in full now, or you can choose Pay in 3 or Pay in 30 days! 

If you select Pay in 3, the total cost of your purchase will be divided into three equal instalments. Also, it's interest-free, so you have nothing to worry about! Just choose this option when you check out, enter your card details, and you're done!

Please note: while there are no interest, no fees (as long as you pay on time), or charges by Klarna for using your debit or credit card, your bank may charge you interest and other costs if you use an interest-bearing credit card.

Alternatively, choosing Pay Later in 30 Days will enable you to pay for something you bought within 30 days after placing your order and after the products are shipped. Klarna will send a payment reminder on how to process your payment. If you prefer to pay before the 30-day allowance, you can immediately go to the Klarna App and pay by card.

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