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LED Light Bulbs: Adding Efficiency Everywhere

Deciding to make the change and switching to LED light bulbs for home or commercial establishments is a smart move when it comes to saving energy, cutting costs and creating an attractive lighting design. LED light bulbs serve as the ideal solution for those who care about the environment but don’t want to compromise on lighting quality. At Simple Lighting, you can have both when you choose from our wide range of LED bulbs.

Reducing Consumption With LED Light Bulbs

Replacing traditional bulbs with LED lighting of the same brightness can save you considerable amounts of money on your electricity bills each year. On average, lighting equates to 15% of the annual energy bill in UK homes.

However, by simply switching to LED bulbs throughout your home, you can reduce your energy bill significantly. What’s more, using energy-saving light bulbs will reduce your carbon footprint. 

Variety Of LED Light Bulbs

The two most popular fittings in the UK are standard light fittings and spotlights. The best thing is that you can find LED light bulbs suitable for each, as well as LED lamps for other non-standard fixtures. Whatever light fittings your property has, you’ll be able to find an LED bulb suitable for your lighting needs.

Our selection of LED lamps includes spots, downlights, strips and more. You can also get energy-saving light bulbs with additional features, such as dimmers and a range of colour temperatures. 

Choosing The Right LED Bulb

The type of LED bulb you need will be dependent on many factors, such as the fixture, the placement (ceiling, wall or cabinets), the room, the purpose of the light and the type of mood you aim to generate.

They also come in various caps, such as E27 light bulbs, E14 LED bulbs and B22 LED bulbs. The good news is that we provide LED lamps for every situation. You can browse through our extensive range of energy-saving LED light bulbs, including GU10 LED bulbs, brightness and colour temperature. If you wish to create a lighting design for a relaxed atmosphere, you can select from our warm white LED light bulbs.

Alternatively, if you are lighting a kitchen or high-use area, then our cool white LED lamps serve as the preferred option. 

Key Features of LED Bulbs: 

High Performance

Switching to an LED bulb doesn’t mean compromising on the quality of the lighting, rather, they provide better quality and last much longer. There is a common misconception that energy-saving light bulbs are not as intense as other bulbs - although LED technology has improved significantly over the last few years.

Such advancements mean that with the right wattage - your LED light bulbs can be even more luminous than traditional light bulbs. Not only can LED bulbs provide you with brighter and more intense light, but they can last up to 50 times longer than standard bulbs. You can expect the average LED bulb to last anywhere from 50,000 hours. 

Easy To Use

Opting for LED lamps doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to change your light fittings altogether. Instead, you can easily find an LED bulb with the right cap to fit your existing fittings. With our wide array of LED lamps of different designs, shapes and sizes - you can easily update the lighting throughout your entire home. 


LED bulbs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also offer a level of functionality and versatility. There are domestic and commercial LED light bulbs that can be used across a variety of different environments, helping you to fulfil many different lighting roles. For instance, you can use them for bathroom lighting, reading lamps, worktop task lighting, and under kitchen cabinets - offering general or ambient lighting. Whatever your needs, you can find LED bulbs to provide beautiful illumination for any space. 

High Quality

At Simple Lighting, we understand that when it comes to lighting - not all bulb options are created in equal measure. We have conducted extensive research on the market to offer only the very best lighting solutions possible.

This means that whatever LED light bulbs you select from within our collection, you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality LED bulb that is purpose-built for preservation and offers optimal lighting for your space.


We understand the importance of safety in the home and any property, which is why we only sell the very best brands of LED bulbs and designs that have gone through meticulous health and safety quality checks.

Here at Simple Lighting, we would never sell a product that we do not believe in. We provide LED light bulbs that are not only cost-effective but that don’t compromise quality or safety. 

Need More Information About LED Lamps?

We believe in offering a fully supportive service; hence, when you buy from us - you are benefiting from high-level product support as and when you need it. If you need help choosing LED bulbs, then we invite you to contact our friendly support team. Our lighting experts are on hand to assist you with any questions or queries you may have about energy-saving light bulbs.

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  1. 4 pack LED candle bulb with daylight colour
    4 Pack - 4w LED Candle Bulbs 6000K Cool White E14
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  2. 4 pack LED bulb in cool white light
    4 x 10w LED Bulbs, E27 Screw - Daylight/Cool White
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  3. Four golf LED bulbs
    4 x Status 5.5w Golf Ball LED Bulbs, B22 - Cool White
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  4. 4 pack of LED candle bulb with cool white light
    4 Pack - 5.5w LED Candle Bulbs, Bayonet B22 - Cool White
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  5. 4 pack of gold LED bulb with a daylight colour
    4 x Status 5.5w Golf Ball LED Bulbs, E27 Screw - Cool White
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  6. 2 Pygmy led bulb with a warm white light
    2 Pack - 1.3w Pygmy / Fridge LED Bulbs - Warm White
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  7. 8.5W Smart LED RGB CCT Changing Dimmable Bulb
    8.5W Smart LED RGB CCT Changing Dimmable Bulb
    £9.16 £10.99 Was £18.00 Save £7.01
  8. 9W Smart WiFi Colour Changing LED Bulb
    9W Smart WiFi Colour Changing LED Bulb
    £9.16 £10.99 Was £19.99 Save £9.00
  9. Energizer, 4 Pack - 8.5w E27 Screw LED Bulbs, Warm White
    Energizer, 4 Pack - 8.5w E27 Screw LED Bulbs, Warm White
    £5.32 £6.39 Was £10.60 Save £4.21
  10. S14062 Energizer LED GLS B22 (BC) 806lm 8.5W 6,500K (Daylight), Box of 4
    4 x Energizer 8.5w, B22 Bayonet LED Bulbs
    £5.32 £6.39 Was £10.60 Save £4.21
  11. 8.5W ST64 Smart WiFi Filament Bulb
    8.5W ST64 Smart WiFi Filament Bulb
    £15.00 £18.00 Was £25.00 Save £7.00
    Out of stock
  12. Energizer LED Filament Gold G125 E27 (ES) 470lm 5W 2,200K (Warm White) Dimmable, Box of 1
    Energizer Over-Sized LED Filament Gold G125 E27 Screw, 5w, Dimmable
    £6.66 £7.99 Was £13.39 Save £5.40
  13. LED smart filament bulb
    E27 Smart LED Dimmable and CCT Changing Filament Bulb
    £13.00 £15.60 Was £18.00 Save £2.40
  14. three filament LED smart bulbs
    Pack of 3 ST64, 8.5W Smart WiFi Filament Bulb
    £45.00 £54.00 Was £75.00 Save £21.00
    Out of stock
  15. Energizer LED Filament Gold ST64 E27 (ES) 470lm 5W 2,200K (Warm White) Dimmable
    Energizer ST64 LED Filament Lamp, E27 Screw, Amber 2200K Dimmable
    £4.99 £5.99 Was £9.99 Save £4.00
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