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LED High Bay Lighting & LED Low Bay Lighting

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LED High Bay Lighting is designed with commercial applications in mind. It is the perfect lighting solution for factories, warehouses, shopping centres or any other large indoor lighting applications.

LED high bay and low bay luminaires perform much better than halogen or fluorescent lamp luminaires as they have a much longer lifespan (reducing maintenance costs), more consistent light output and better operation under extreme temperatures, particularly in refrigerated or chilled environments.

LED high bay and LED low bay lightings are also much more durable than traditional lights as they do not contain fragile components like glass bulbs, ballasts or strikers. This means they are less prone to vibrations, component failures or breakages. The energy savings and lower maintenance costs means that LED should be the first choice when illuminating industrial or commercial environments.

At Simple Lighting, we stock high bays and low bays in various wattages, sizes and lumens. We also have dimmable lights and sensors, which can reduce your energy consumption even further.

The entire range of high and low bay lighting supplied by us is fitted with high output, low energy LED bulbs for optimal use.

To order your High Bay or Low Bay Lighting products or to discuss any of the other lighting fixtures and fittings supplied by Simple Lighting, like low bay LED light fittings give us a call today on 0333 443 2465 and a member of our sales team will be happy to help.

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LED High Bay Lighting & LED Low Bay Lighting