LED Panel 600x600mm With a 5 Year Warranty

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The total electrical power used of the light. A higher wattage no longer guarantee’s that the light is brighter. EG: there are LED products which are 5w which is equal in brightness to a 50w incandescent bulb.
Input Voltage
Input Voltage
5 Years
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  • Integrated with TP(A) polycarbonate micro prismatic diffuser
  • 3240 lumens with a beam angle of 110 degrees
  • Can be converted to an emergency panel
  • Available in 4000K (Natural White) or 6000K (Cool White)
  • 5-year warranty
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Up to 5 year guarantee on lightbulbs
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LED Panel 600x600mm With a 5 Year Warranty
£39.99 Was £49.99 Save £10.00

A stunningly bright LED panel fantastic for lighting offices

If you’re planning to change your old fluorescent lights, a great choice of replacement would be our 600x600 LED panels! With this type of light, not only will you have a bright office, but you’ll also reap the incredible benefits of using LED lights!

This Bastion 600x600 LED panel is fantastic for lighting offices and other commercial spaces because one panel can adequately illuminate a wide surface area. Also, its slimline design and white finish will blend perfectly into your office ceiling and complement your modern aesthetics.

Our 600x600 LED panel is constructed from aluminium and is integrated with a TP(A) polycarbonate micro prismatic diffuser making it both strong, light and allowing for optimal illumination. It gives out a massive 3240 lumens in a beam angle of 110 degrees and has the added benefit of a quick connector to make installation simple!

This 600x600 LED panel can be converted to an emergency panel by purchasing our emergency pack. With this, you’ll be able to guarantee safe illumination for everyone in your office in the unfortunate event of a power failure or emergency situation.

Our exquisite 600x600 LED panel is available in two LED colours, cool white light or natural white light. If you’re not sure how they would play out in your space, here’s what you need to know:

  • Natural White Light – this colour is similar to a cloudless sunny day and falls right in the middle of the spectrum. They are ideal for task lights since they are bright but not too clinical. If you want to have a relaxed atmosphere in your office, this colour is perfect.
  • Cool White Light – this colour has a crisp bluish hue and is on the cooler side of the spectrum. They are also perfect for task lighting since it's bright. However, it can be too intense for some, so instead of the main working area, you can put them in the conference rooms where undivided attention is required.

We offer a 5-year warranty for these 600x600 LED panels so you can enjoy your lights for a long time with peace of mind.

More Information
Height 595mm
Width 595mm
Depth 14mm
Average Life (Hours) 30,000
Lumens 3240
IP Rating IP20
Dimmable Non-Dimmable
Input Voltage 220-240v
Power 36w
Warranty 5 Years
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