In the not so distant past, people would not give a second thought to how their bathrooms looked. As long as it was clean and working, no one seems to mind the interior design or aesthetics. However, bathrooms today are made more functional and diverse, catering to suit your lifestyle and supplement more of your needs.

People now don’t only use the bathroom to take a quick shower or for toilet breaks. It’s become a place to relax and escape from the chaos in the home. That’s the reason why more modern homeowners are upgrading their bathrooms to make them more beautiful and efficient. One of the key points they make sure to add is LED mirrors!

LED mirrors are a great way of adding a multifunctional device to your bathroom. Aside from helping you see if your make-up is on point or you’re not going to cut yourself as you shave, these mirrors double as an added light source to ensure that you have a good lighting setup. It can also be a decorative element since no one can deny how sleek and gorgeous they look against a tiled bathroom wall! Some even have speakers for music and phone charging ports!

Pointers in choosing an LED bathroom mirror

LED bathroom mirrors come in various shapes, sizes, colours, and styles. Because of this, it’s harder to decide which one to get! It’s even more complicated if you’re on a tight budget and you want to make the best out of your purchase. So, to avoid any misstep and guarantee that you’ll be able to enjoy your mirror to the fullest, follow these pointers!


Before you start buying your mirror, map out the layout of your bathroom and decide where you’ll put it. If you just moved in, it may not be a good idea to start with the mirror before you finish arranging the layout of your space. Placement is an important part, so think about it and don’t be hasty.

Once you know where you’ll install it, it’s easier to know what size to get. However, it’s ideal to choose a bigger mirror for a smaller bathroom to make the space look larger. Since there’s a wide selection available, you’ll surely get the right one for you!


Now, here’s the fun part, choosing the design! Each bathroom has its own signature style, so you need to match your mirror with it. If you get a mirror that doesn’t complement your bathroom design, it will look disconnected and out of place. You can match your mirror with the tiles or the colour of the wall or choose a style that balances your interior design. The market is constantly updated with the latest trend and technology, so you’ll never run out of options! The three most common bathrooml mirror shapes that are available on the market are square, round and rectangular, each has benefits and allows you more freedom of choice in your space.

round LED mirror with a white sink below


What do you plan to do with your mirror? Will it be a decorative element to boost the ambience of your space? Are you going to use it for your vanity to give you a clear view while prepping? Depending on the purpose of your mirror, the technical specifications that you’ll be choosing may vary.

There are LED mirrors with built-in shelves, adding more functionality to your space. Others have CCT changing lights, which is perfect if you spend your downtime relaxing in the bathroom. If you’re a busy person, who’s always on the go, there’s even an LED mirror with an integrated QI charger so your phone will never run low. So, before you finalise your decision, think about how the mirror may improve the efficiency of your space and how it can add value to your day-to-day life.

How to maintain your LED mirror?

You can trust your LED mirrors to last for years. However, that does not mean that it will always look brand new! It’s bound to look not-so-pleasant with the constant splatters of water and other products that you use. So, since you invested a lot in your LED mirror, it’s only fitting that you maintain it and keep it clean.


Shop bought glass cleaning sprays or wipes are probably the easiest way to clean the glass of your mirror. Toothpaste, powder, hairspray, and other products may have a negative impact on the clarity of the mirror. Wiping it down at least once every week will help you maintain its initial resolution. In addition, wipe with a microfibre cloth, not paper towels, so you don’t scratch the mirror.

rectangle LED mirror lit on the top and bottom edges


There are numerous LED mirrors that sports a gloss wood frame. These edges do not mix well with consistent chemical application. Using a soap and water solution is better since stronger solvents may erode the glossy finish and age your mirror prematurely.
Aside from that, never leave any damp element sitting on the wood frame of your mirror since it can cause permanent discolouration. If it has a shelf, make sure to make an effort to wipe it often since the bottom of the products that you’re using have residue and may leave stains.

Now that you know how to choose an LED mirror for your bathroom and how to take care of it, it’s time to go shopping! Remember to buy from trusted suppliers to ensure that you’re only getting top-quality products. So, if you’re looking for one, check out our website, Simple Lighting. Not only will you get the best kinds of products with good warranties, but you’ll also have access to a wide array of lighting solutions from fixtures like downlights, pendant lamps, garden lights, and strip lights to accessories like drivers, cables, profiles, and more!


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