LED batten lights are most commonly seen in office spaces, commercial establishments and public properties. However, did you know that you can also create a masterpiece with these fixtures for your home? That’s right! LED batten lights are not only suitable for commercial lighting but also make an excellent addition to different rooms in your residence!

LED batten lights are a complete unit with everything you need to brighten a space. All the necessary components are contained inside the fixture’s housing, making installation easy and fast! The only challenge you’ll encounter is choosing the best LED batten for your design application. Why? It’s because this fixture comes in various shapes, sizes, materials, and colours.

In addition, there are technical specifications that are relatively difficult to understand, especially if you’re not familiar with the terminologies. So, if you’re gearing up for a home interior revamp, here are a few tips when selecting LED batten lights!


Considerations When Picking LED Battens

Say you’re redoing your kitchen and you’re planning to utilise LED battens to maximise the space without trading off your required brightness. It would make the selection process more manageable if you segment the area depending on the tasks you do in that part. Once you have determined it, you can now proceed to filter your choices depending on the following aspects:



You can find LED battens in many sizes, but there are five that are considered standard. A 1ft LED batten is usually seen under the kitchen cabinets or in wardrobes where only minimal space is available. Alternatively, the longer 2ft, 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft LED battens are mounted in more diverse areas.

When deciding the size of your fitting, ensure that it will fit the location you want, and it’ll be able to provide adequate illumination and light distribution throughout the different surfaces. Here’s a quick guide on how bright each size is:

  • 2ft LED batten is the same as a twin 18w fluorescent
  • 4ft LED batten is the same as a twin 36w fluorescent
  • 5ft LED batten is the same as a twin 58w fluorescent
  • 6ft LED batten is the same as a twin 70w fluorescent


Light Output

When buying LED battens, don’t confuse lumens with wattage. Although fluorescents use wattage to determine the brilliance of the fixtures, it’s a different story for LEDs. You can get LED battens in many wattages ranging from 4w to 70w. However, that does not equate to their light output. LEDs produce a higher level of light at a low wattage, so you should check the lumens count instead to get an overall idea of the brightness. Here’s a guide simple guide:

  • 8 – 12w fluorescent with 400 – 500 lumens are equal to a 6 – 7w LED
  • 13 – 18w fluorescent with 650 – 850 lumens are equal to a 7 – 10w LED
  • 18 – 22w fluorescent with 1000 – 1400 lumens are equal to a 12 – 13w LED
  • 23 – 30w fluorescent with 1450 – 1700+ lumens are equal to a 14 – 20w LED


Colour Temperature

LED batten lights are available in different colour temperatures. It’s critical that you identify the best colour for each room because it can dictate the overall ambience of the space. You don’t want to doze off while you study or not be able to sleep because of your lights! Here are its different colours:

  • Warm White Light (2700K – 3000K): It produces a yellowish tint and is often used for ambient lighting as it can create a warm and cosy atmosphere. It’s ideal for the bedroom, living room, office breakroom and hallways.
  • Natural White Light (4000K – 4500K): This colour temperature does not have any hints of yellow or blue. It’s similar to a cloudless sunny day and is suitable for task lighting. You can use it in your kitchen, study room, and central office space.
  • Cool White Light (6000K – 6500K): It has a bluish tone and is also used for task lighting. You can add this to your garage, kitchen island, and conference room. Because of its bluish colour, cool white may make the room too clinical. If you don’t want that, opt for natural white. Nonetheless, this colour is still undeniably brilliant!
  • CCT Tuneable: Some LED battens can radiate the three colour temperatures in one fitting. It glides through from warm to natural to cool. It’s perfect for multi-functional rooms like the kitchen and dining room because you can conveniently change the colour to accommodate your needs!


Benefits of Using LED Battens for the Kitchen

As mentioned earlier, LED battens are easy to install. Because of that, you can cut down on your labour hours and spend more of your time on the more essential things. Although, that’s not the only reason LED battens are ideal for your kitchen!


Power Consumption Savings

Using LED fittings will improve your kitchen’s energy efficiency by 90%. Since that area is occupied most of the time, LEDs will help reduce your electricity bill!



Since the LED itself is not exposed but enclosed within its case, you can expect it to last long. In addition, compared to traditional fixtures, LED lights can survive 10 times longer. LED battens may be easy to mount, but you don’t need to constantly repeat the process since you won’t have to replace them often!



Because LED battens have a long average lifespan, you don’t need to do regular replacements. Also, it’s not made of glass, so it’s safe for the kitchen, and occasional wipe-downs are enough to keep it fresh and clean!


Less Heat Production

The kitchen alone produces so much heat. If you’re lights add to that, it’ll feel like you’re cooking inside an oven! LED fixtures only emit minimal heat that is barely noticeable. This means not only will the space feel more relaxed, but the fitting is less likely to overheat, and it can last long! Typically, LED battens can illuminate a space for 50,000 hours which is equal to 10 years (depending on usage)!

LED batten lights are an excellent addition to your kitchen because of their sturdy construction and high-quality brightness. Whenever you’re unsure which to buy, read through these tips or think about your space and its purpose, and it’ll be easier to decide. If you’re looking for the best LED battens, visit our website, Simple Lighting! We have an extensive collection, so you’ll definitely find what you need!


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