What is the difference between a room with a single overhead light and a room with carefully designed layered lighting? It’s the ambience! One overhead fixture may provide illumination to prevent you from bumping here and there, but it is incomplete. Where you want to be is a room that is both stunningly bright and comfortingly cosy!

When it comes to lighting design, one fixture that can improve the ambience of your space is cabinet lights. While you can have it professionally installed, some models are DIY-friendly, perfect if you’re looking for budget-friendly alternatives. So, if you want to fully illuminate your space and make it exceptionally relaxing, here are some ideas on how to do that with cabinet lighting!

Understanding the Importance of Cabinet Lighting

How important is proper lighting? When done correctly, a perfectly illuminated space will make your daily living more comfortable and efficient. It can also enhance the visuals of your home and boost its ambience! A warm and inviting space does not come from fluffy pillows and moody furniture. It’s from lighting fixtures, meticulously calibrated and positioned to suit the preference of the people living inside.

Did you know that adding lights to your cabinets can impact the ambience of your space? A well-lit cabinet can improve functionality and add aesthetic appeal to the room. It’s like when adding LED strip lights behind your television or when you put table lamps and floor lamps around your space! It enhances how effectively you utilise the space while making it more picture-perfect!

Planning Your DIY Cabinet Lighting Project

When doing any project, planning is a critical step that you should not miss. You should spend as much time as you need in that phase because it can make or break your entire build! So, for planning your DIY cabinet lighting project, please don’t jump into it without thinking about anything.

Asses the area that you will work on and what layers of lighting each requires. Will you use your living room cabinets to add accent lighting? For the upper kitchen cabinets, will you utilise them to add task lighting? Going through your space and identifying its needs will make it easier for you to decide on the direction of your project. Also, don’t forget to create a budget scheme and list all the necessary tools and materials. That way, you won’t overspend, and you’ll have everything prepared!

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Easy and Affordable DIY Cabinet Lighting Ideas

What type of fixture will you use for your DIY cabinet lighting installation? If you haven’t thought of one yet, here are some ideas you might want to check out!

Battery-Powered LED Puck Lights

For renters, using battery-powered LED puck lights is the best choice because it’s easy to install and remove. You don’t have to drill holes since it comes with an adhesive back! Also, it’s battery-powered, so you don’t have to wire or plug, which is convenient if your space has limited sockets!

Battery-powered LED puck lights are available in various finishes and styles, allowing you to find the perfect match for your cabinet lighting design! Besides that, since this fixture uses a battery to operate, it won’t add to your electricity bill! If you won’t run your cabinet lights often, this option is more cost-effective for you. However, if you are using it daily for extended hours, the batteries may drain quickly, making it pricier. So, think about what you’ll do before going with this option!

LED Light Strips

Versatility, ease of installation, and various options are a few things that you’ll get when you choose a LED strip light. They’re incredibly flexible, and because of their many variations, you’ll find one that goes with almost every application!

Like a battery-operated LED puck light, a LED strip light comes with an adhesive backing, so it’s also peel-and-stick. All you have to do next is wire the strips to the driver, then to the mains circuit and to the controls. Although the process may appear longer, LED strip lights have more brightness and colour temperature options. So, if you want to get the ambience that you prefer, this lighting solution can make it possible!

Motion Sensor Lights

Wouldn’t it be nice to open your pantries, cabinets and drawers and see everything inside without switching on your primary lights? Well, that can be done if you put motion sensor lights inside! Adding this automated fixture is more energy-saving than manual fixtures because they work when needed and switch off when you don’t. Plus, with motion sensor lights conveniently mounted inside the cabinets, you’ll see its contents effortlessly. Now, you won’t miss expiration dates!

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Safety Installation Tips

DIY installations are fun and cost-effective. Nonetheless, lighting fixture still deals with electricity and requires utmost precautions. You should handle electrical components attentively and never connect anything unless the main power supply is switched off.

To ensure you get the best results, read through the installation instructions for the lighting fixture and follow them step-by-step. However, if you suddenly feel unsure of what to do and don’t feel like you can wire your fixtures, call for an electrician. That way, you won’t be at risk and won’t put your home in harm’s way!


Cabinet lights will not only brighten your space but can also boost its functionality, elevate its visual appeal, and upgrade its ambience! You don’t have to spend a lot for the makeover. Just try one of these DIY cabinet lighting ideas! So, seriously think about transforming your space, and when you’re ready, visit our website, Simple Lighting. Besides cabinet lighting, we have an elaborate range of indoor, outdoor and commercial lighting that you will undoubtedly want to check out!


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