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5th May 2015 Comments Off on Amazing DIY Infographic Tutorial Views: 2330 How To Guides, Simple Lighting Blog

Amazing DIY Infographic Tutorial

Following the Birth of the Royal baby Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, we’ve been thinking about children’s bedroom décor. So, we’ve put together a DIY infographic tutorial on how to build this fab nursery night light, first seen on the amazing DIY blog The DIY Village, it’s fit for a princess, (or even a prince), using our Colour Changing LED tape.

This may seem a daunting task, but it’s easy to accomplish in just 10 simple steps. We promise it WILL NOT take you Months to finish, and that it doesn’t require anything too difficult in the tool department! You may even have some of the necessary equipment lying around the house. (They don’t call us ‘Simple’ Lighting for nothing you know!)

Give it a go, use your child’s favourite animal or any other design you can think of (I think a star would be amazing!), we’d love to know how you get on, let us know in the comments.

Ready? Lets begin the DIY Infographic Tutorial

DIY Infographic Tutorial

LED Tape Night Light Tutorial – An infographic by the team at Simple Lighting

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