Our under unit and kitchen cabinet lighting is the perfect product for your new interior design. The under unit kitchen lighting and cabinet LED lights, available at Simple Lighting online shop, provide a bright yet subtle form of task lighting, creating a warm and welcoming ambience for your kitchen and wowing your friends and family.

At Simple Lighting, we stock a massive range of LED under cupboard lighting and LED lights for the kitchen cabinet in a wide variety of styles, wattage, and colour temperatures.

Our LED kitchen cabinet and cupboard lights come in round, triangle, wedge, recessed, and superslim/ultrathin shapes, which are ideal for task lighting for preparing food and adding subtle, ambient mood lighting into your kitchen or dining space.

Besides a plethora of designs, there are different finishing options available in the kitchen LED lighting fixtures. Choose from aluminium, chrome, nickel, and stainless-steel metals with a brushed, matt, polished, or satin finish. These multiple choices ensure that there are fixtures available for every type of décor.

Choosing A LED fixture

Considering the following factors can help in choosing a LED fixture for kitchen.

Recessed vs Surface Mounted

There are both recessed and surface mounted types of kitchen cabinet LED lighting models to use. Recessed light will require a hole to be cut out for its installation. It will fit into the cabinets or surface with little or no part of light left out. A surface-mounted product is easier to install and requires no cutting or modifying of furniture. Each of these can come in a different sort of designs and styles.

Mini Link LED strip lights are another option in kitchen lighting used for illuminating cabinets and displays. These are simple to install and come as DIY kits. They are available in different lengths, and multiple of these may be combined for a comprehensive solution.

Colour Options

The lights come in different colour options that include various temperatures of white, namely warm, natural, neutral, and cool white. Some LED cupboard kitchen lighting fixtures emit multicoloured beams. They can be adjusted when you use knob controllers or even remote RGB controllers. Lights with colours bring out the kitchen design to the top and highlight it so that it could use its glory to the fullest.

Top Benefits of Under Cabinet Lighting

Higher Variety of Bulbs

To make your kitchen lighting more interesting, you can experiment with various bulbs. They can be super tiny or slightly bigger depending on the effect you want to achieve with this product. What is more, they can come in any sort of colours, in order to make the design more extraordinary.


Similarly to any other type of LED product, under cupboard lights are energy-saving. For this reason, you don’t have to worry that the price of electricity you use will be much higher. This kind of lighting needs small bulbs that don’t require much power, but they provide impressive effects, having both practical and decorative purposes.


You should bear in mind that you can contribute to taking care of our planet if you use LED lighting instead of a traditional one. Namely, it’s an energy-saving light source, as it was already mentioned, but also, it doesn’t contain mercury or any other toxic ingredients. Therefore, even if you have to replace this sort of product and throw the old one away, the environment won’t be too much harmed.

More Light

Another source of light available will help you to get rid of the shadow in your kitchen. As a result, you’ll see everything better, and you’ll be able to be more precise while cooking, chopping, cleaning, reading recipes, baking cookies, etc. Therefore, under cabinet lighting is a healthy solution because it helps to prevent your sight from deteriorating, especially if you work in the kitchen until late hours.

Elegant Style

For our LED lighting, we price low, so it is an excellent way to make your kitchen more elegant without spending too much money. This type of product will give a unique touch to any interior and make it original. It will help create a pleasant atmosphere and enhance your interior’s whole design.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Even if you aren’t experienced in installing kitchen lighting, LED products will not be too hard to be mounted. You don’t need a professional electrician who could price high for any services – you can do it all by yourself, and be perfectly happy with the outcome. Also, this type of lighting doesn’t need too much maintenance, so it won’t take your precious time.

High-Quality Light

LED under cabinet lighting provides you with the light of much higher quality than traditional fluorescent or halogen bulbs. Such a product emits a beam that is focused on one direction and doesn’t get unnecessarily diffused on other, unimportant areas (like the bottom of your cupboard). What is more, it doesn’t produce heat along with the light, and for this reason, the price of your electricity won’t get too much higher when you use it. Kitchens are mini hotplates on their own, and by adding another product that would produce some heat would make the situation much worse.

Extra Features of Kitchen Lighting

Apart from using a mini link in-line switch for controlling the under cabinet lighting, a motion sensor and a dimmer switch are other options available. A motion sensor allows for control of this product via hand gesture, making it easy to be turned off and on. A dimmer switch can help to change the brightness of light as needed. Quite a few models of this product are available with the added feature of being dimmed on demand.

To order your under cabinet lighting or to discuss any of the other top lighting products we store on Simple Lighting, give us a call today on 0333 443 2465. Our team members will be happy to help with any sort of issues associated with our online shop. Every brand available on your website is reputable and trustworthy, so you don’t have to worry about quality!

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