The bedroom is undoubtedly one of the most significant interiors in your home. It is where you relax after the day’s work and spend intimate moments with your significant other. For this reason, it is certainly worth investing in some decorations, making it the most appealing and relaxing. With proper lighting, you can create a fantastic atmosphere and display all the other elements of your bedroom’s design.

Why is Bedroom Lighting Important?

Remember that even if you buy a gorgeous rug, furniture, and artwork, bad lighting can ruin everything. You’ll not be able to create the atmosphere you want to achieve. Good lighting will help a large room look less like a cavern or a tiny space to look cosy and less cramped. Thanks to this, your bedroom will look fantastic not only during the daytime but also during the night.

With ample lights, you do not have to depend entirely on the natural rhythm of the day, and you do not have to be limited by the architectural limitations of your interior. Typically, the amount of light available in your bedroom would be dependent on the direction it faces and the number of windows it has. In the case of a north-facing interior, you would get less light compared to the other directions. With proper lighting installed, you do not have to worry about that!

One of the most exciting approaches to decorating and illuminating your bedroom is with spotlights. As the name suggests, they are lights that brighten up a particular spot, not the whole area. That is why they are usually mounted in groups to highlight a specific object or place.

Bedroom Spotlight FAQs

Bedroom lighting in general can be a bit confusing, which is why we prepare some frequently asked questions to address some of your concerns.

Are Spotlights Good for Bedrooms?

Spotlights are excellent for bedrooms! They will make the most significant places of your room noticeable, crucial for practical and decorative reasons. For example, you can install them over your bed, near the wardrobe, or around your mirror. It will make it easier to, for example, read a book before sleeping, do your make-up, or choose the right clothes for the day! Some people may argue that spotlights are too dazzling, but the truth is, it all depends on how you set them up. You need to arrange it appropriately, and you will be alright!

Which Spotlights Are Suitable for a Bedroom?

The type of product you need depends on the effect you want to achieve. Some people require additional task lighting, while others want to have delicate decorative lights. It will help if you have more powerful bulbs in the first instance, while in the second instance – milder ones. It is understandable that if you plan to read, write, or do any other activities requiring sharp bedroom lighting, you will go for spotlights providing you with precisely what you need. Apart from the practical use, style is also highly significant. Therefore, consider the design your bedroom has, and choose a particular model to fit your theme accordingly. There will be a noticeable difference between those suitable for the Provence style and the rustic design.

Where Should Spotlights Be Placed in a Bedroom?

The right spot for this kind of bedroom lighting again depends on the effects you are aiming for. Here are some ideas that may help achieve particular purposes:

Recessed lighting

Bedroom Spotlight - Recessed Ligthing

If you want to enrich your bedroom with a gorgeous recessed lighting scheme, we recommend installing parallel fixtures with multiple spotlights in each. In this way, the light direction will be highly adjustable, and you will gain a lot of flexibility to modify the appearance of your interior including the darkest corners!

Task lighting

Bedroom Spotlight - Task Lighting

If you need spotlights as task lighting, we advise you to install them on your bed’s headboard. In this way, you can easily direct it to your book, notebook, magazine, or laptop that you want to use before sleeping. It would be excellent to add some contrast to your headboard, so choose the design wisely to achieve a notable effect!

Direct lighting

Bedroom Spotlight - Direct Lighting

For those people who need direct lights, wall-mounted spotlights can be an excellent option. What is more, pendant lighting with adjustable lamps is also quite popular nowadays. They can be suspended on either side of your bed so you will have a good source of light. Also, it would be best if you paired them with a simple ceiling fixture to achieve the ambient light effect.

How Many Spotlights Do You Need in a Bedroom?

To find out how many spotlights you need in your bedroom, you should make a plan. It doesn’t have to be very professional – get a pencil and a piece of paper and prepare a simple blueprint of your interior. Planning will make the succeeding steps easier. Keep in mind to include all the furniture pieces in your layout, as they are the most probable spots you want to highlight with spotlights. It can be your bed, reading armchair, wardrobe, chest of drawers, or mirror. If you are mounting the lighting in your ceiling, we suggest leaving a gap of three feet between its edge and your spotlights. Otherwise, they will be too close to the wall and result in creating unwanted shadows. Also, your bedroom would look smaller than it is. Thanks to the distance of about three feet, the light will reflect off the walls, making the whole interior airer and lighter.

Now that you know what spotlights to install in your bedroom, it is time to head on to the Simple Lighting online store! We offer a wide variety of LED lighting for your bedroom to enhance your home living and make it enjoyable. 


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