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LED Downlights – The Benefits

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Enhance Your Garden With LED Spike Lights

Nobody can deny the striking effect that LED spike lights can have on the plants, flowers and landscaping in your garden. Completely transforming it into the ideal space for a romantic outdoor dinner, a night time party, or just relaxing for an evening outside with your friends and family.

Not an outdoor person?

You don’t even need to be outside to enjoy garden lighting, wouldn’t you rather continue have a stunning view of your garden from your window, than have to draw your blinds every day at sunset?

Why should you choose LED spike lights?

What has really driven the growth of the garden lighting industry the most over the last few years, is the ever advancing technology and rapidly decreasing price of LED lighting. LEDs are strong enough to light up just about a​nything ​you may want to illuminate; and they can shine just as warmly as any other light source. Not to mention the average lifespan of 50,000 hours they have. Best of all, the power consumption is less than one tenth of that of halogen bulbs, meaning you can run 10 LED spike lights for the same price as 1 halogen!

Uplighting with LED Spike Lights

LEDs are also much cooler than other light sources, so you don’t have to worry about burning foliage or possibly even causing a fire (if by chance something comes into contact with the light). LED Spike Lights are therefore also safe for use around children and pets.

Would you like some tips?

LED spike lights are by far the most versatile when it comes to garden lighting, as they can be used to highlight or uplight shrubs, trees, walkways, decking, statues, water features, ponds, rockery, the possibilities are endless.

Try adding more depth to your night garden, by arranging the LED spike lights around the perimeter of it. This will emphasize it’s real size, and by lighting the trees and shrubs in this way you can create more depth and height.

Be careful not to go overboard though, there can be many things in a garden you may not want to expose. An old shed, a flowerbed that is bare of any flowers during parts of the year. A lawn that is patchy. Just be aware of where you face the lights, the last thing you would want to do is highlight something that needs a bit of camouflage.

To avoid glare, be sure that none of the lights point directly at any of the seating areas outside where you are going to be spending your time. There is nothing worse than light shining in your eyes when you’re trying to relax.

Experimentation is key! One of the main reasons that LED spike lights are so popular is the endless number of times you can just pick them up and reposition them.

Most importantly… Enjoy your outdoor space!

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