Arranging a quintessential lighting scheme is imperative for a successful interior design. Without it, the room will look cold and monotonous. No matter how delicate and precious the furniture and décor pieces are, everything will be lifeless without substantial lighting.

Devising an appropriate lighting system for your home is crucial for practical and decorative reasons. Lighting can give vitality to a room and helps in making a house feels and looks like a home. Because of the importance of lighting to interior design, many trends have come and gone, adding diversity to the growing market. As for this year, what lighting trends can you try and look forward to?

Smart Lighting System

Among the most in-demand lighting system for the past few years, smart lighting is still in trend this 2023. It’s a lighting system controlled remotely with a linked device, including smartphones, smart speakers and control panels. With this system, you can manage your lights anywhere in your home, with some allowing you to control your fixtures from far away through automation and scheduling!

There are many advantages to integrating this lighting system into your home. Here are some:

  • Convenience: With a smart lighting system, you’ll have a consolidated control unit, access security features, automate your lighting, and connect with other smart devices.
  • Customised Controls: Using this system, you can do many things with your lights, including dim/brightness, changing colours, designing lighting modes, etc.
  • Lower Carbon Footprint: Your lighting system will be extra efficient because no lights will be left switched on.

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So, if you’re interested in trying this trend, here are some products you can check out!

Statement Lighting Fixtures

If humans wear necklaces and earrings, rooms wear statement lighting. This trend includes fixtures in various shapes, sizes, colours, and styles. However, what sets them apart is the elaborate design and intricate details that make them the bell of the ball! One statement lighting fixture can instantly transform the vibe of the space, like jewellery tying the outfit together!

Chandeliers, pendant lights and track lights are among the most famous statement fittings. Some have a sophisticated style, while others are unconventional. You’ll also find statement fixtures made from repurposed materials, adding a quirky touch to a room!

You need to consider three factors when purchasing statement lighting fixtures: style, design, and function.

  • Style: Statement fixtures are a witty way to spice up the style of your space. They can add colour, texture and a bit of drama in an unexpected manner. You can choose a style that will complement the rest of your interior design or contrast it without disrupting the theme.
  • Function: While statement lighting is more decorative, don’t let it hinder the functionality of the space. For smaller areas, consider getting a fitting that will not dangle too low and out of proportion to the room. As for larger spaces, consider your ceiling height and the elements below to maximise illumination.
  • Design: Although you’re considering the practicality of your statement lights, don’t allow it to make you timid with your choices. You can try bolder, more dramatic fixtures that speak of the character you want the room to exude!

Biophilic Lighting

This lighting design trend aims to mimic natural light cycles and patterns encountered in nature inside an enclosed space. Biophilic lighting intends to create a healthy, harmonious setting that connects people with nature and boosts well-being.
There are many ways to design a biophilic lighting system. Here are some:

  • Actively control colour temperature, light intensity, and distribution to emulate natural daylight.
  • Add colour-tuneable LED lights that can switch colour temperatures throughout the day.
  • Combine natural elements such as water features, plants, and materials like wood, glass, and stone into the lighting design.
  • Prioritise highlighting textures, patterns, and shapes seen in nature.

Biophilic Lighting promotes health and well-being as it intends to keep you in tune with nature even inside the comforts of your home. This lighting design has positively influenced an individual’s productivity, cognitive function and mood!

Minimalist Lighting

Lighting fixtures in this design scheme have a simple construct, are covered in monochromatic and neutral tones, and have a serene style. However, while this aesthetic is more restrained without complexities, it does not mean it’s boring.

Minimalist lighting design is intentional, looking at the whole picture to produce a balanced and harmonious look. It has fixtures with muted colours, clean lines and no excessive ornaments. Besides that, natural light is a critical aspect of this lighting design. So, instead of multiple lighting fixtures, it incorporates massive windows, glass doors, and open floor plans.

To mix minimalist lighting into your system, opt for fixtures with a simple style but have exciting textures. Also, invite more sunlight into your space. If possible, add more windows and keep the room clutter-free!

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Sustainable Lighting

Solar fixtures and LED lighting are sustainable solutions that benefit you and the environment. Unlike the energy-consuming incandescent bulb, sustainable lights are efficient, cost-effective, last long, and are more versatile.

In addition, sustainable fixtures will help reduce your carbon footprint and lower your electricity bill! LED lights can efficiently convert energy into light; therefore, it does not require much to produce substantial brightness. Solar-powered fixtures rely on the sun to work, which does not add to your electricity consumption. This shows that for nature and your expenses, sustainable fixtures are an excellent alternative to traditional lighting.


Lighting trends are not meant to box you into a particular concept. It’s a guide or a baseline where you can start and grow. From a smart lighting system to sustainable or minimalist lighting, there are many options that you can try to revitalise your home this 2023! So, if you’re on the hunt for light fixtures, visit our website, Simple Lighting. We have an extensive collection of indoor, outdoor, and commercial lighting solutions that goes well with these lighting trends!


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