Unless you are not an average person, you may have gone to several job interviews. During that time, did you ever look around and think that this office looks nice and I want to work here? Well, the ambience of a workspace has an enormous contribution to an employees’ attitude and productivity. So, if you’re a company owner and you still have those old fluorescent tube lights, it is time to switch them out with some stunning LED ceiling panel lights!

What are LED Panel Lights?

LED ceiling panel lights are made to replace standard fluorescent ceiling lights. LEDs are far better than those lights because even though they consume less power, their brightness is immense. They are a popular choice for many companies because it helps them cut down on energy expenses. 

These lights are typically made with a lightweight aluminium frame with a back cover and have a large surface area. It doesn’t take a lot of LED ceiling panel lights to illuminate an entire office or commercial space. The way these lights are designed helps you maximise each panel’s brightness, covering a wide surface area. In a conference room, you can add one panel over a conference table, and you’ll have a comfortable, well-lit area! LED ceiling panel lights have an extremely illuminating brightness and low-energy usage, which is why many business owners prefer this over other types of lights. 

How to Choose LED Panel Lights?

When choosing your LED ceiling panel lights for your office, you need to consider several factors like size, colour temperature, dimming function, and emergency feature. Knowing what you’re working with and knowing the function of the room will make it easier to decide what to get.

Factors to consider before choosing:

Office LED Panel Light
Photo by Cadeau Maestro from Pexels
  • Shape and Size. LED ceiling panel lights come in various shapes and sizes. The standard sizes are 600mm x 600mm and 1200mm x 600mm, and the typical shapes you’ll see are rectangle, circle, and square. If you have a small room, the 600mm x 600mm panel will provide sufficient brightness. On the other hand, for bigger spaces, you may need the 1200mm x 600mm.
  • Colour Temperature. These lights come in different colour temperatures, including warm white light, natural white light, and cool white light. You can use the natural white light and the cool white light in conference rooms and the entire office space to give your employees a well-lit and comfortable work environment. If you have a break room, you can use a warm white light instead so people will be able to relax in a cosy ambience before going back to work. 
  • Dimming. Having a dimmable LED ceiling panel light gives you more freedom to control the intensity of the lights and save on power. They work well in conference rooms since there are times where you need to dim the lights – when someone is giving a presentation for example.  

Emergency Feature. Power outages are not only inconvenient, they can also be dangerous and, in a building filled with people, this can cause some accidents. Having an emergency light ready for these instances will help people see more clearly and avoid harm. Some 1200mm x 600mm LED ceiling panel light have a backup battery that activates when the power goes out. So, you’ll be able to continue your work as if nothing has happened or exit the building safely & quickly.

What Are the Benefits of LED Panel Lights?

If you think that switching to LED ceiling panel lights will bring you more loss than benefits, you’re wrong. These lights have several fantastic advantages that will help you and your employees in so many ways!

  • Efficient energy savers – operational cost is one of the concerns of many business owners. Fortunately, this LED ceiling panel light is more energy-efficient than the traditional fluorescent lights but does not compromise the quality of your lamps. 
  • Non-bulky fixtures – An LED ceiling panel light has a slim fixture making them ideal for shallow ceilings. They are super lightweight and can be installed easily. With this, you’ll be able to lessen labour cost when you’re updating your office lights or installing new panels in your conference room.
  • Last Longer – LED lights are known for their durability and long life. If you switch to LED ceiling panel lights, you’ll spend less on replacing busted lamps.
  • Instant Switching – Fluorescent lights need time to warm up before they completely brighten. With LED ceiling panel lights, you won’t have that problem because they instantly switch on and off.
  • Environment Friendly – LED ceiling panel lights do not contain any chemicals that can potentially damage the environment. This is great since office lights are used for more than 8 hours. You won’t have to worry about the carbon footprints that you will leave for hours of usage.  
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance – These lights are easy and straightforward to install. If you have the essential tools and a bit of knowledge of mounting lights, you’ll be able to do it. Plus, you don’t have to worry about maintenance since these LED ceiling panel lights are designed with high-quality materials. They rarely break down, so you can enjoy them for a long time.

There you have it! Now that you know what LED ceiling panel lights are, it’s time to upgrade your office lights! So, head on to our website and shop now!


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