Summer is the time of the year where most people spend time outdoors. For homeowners, summer is a time to rearrange, redesign and redecorate your home. Redecorating your home means getting it ready for some outdoor activities, especially when you are expecting friends to come over for some barbeque grilling in your garden while catching up. One way of setting the right mood and ambience of your home garden is to choose the correct lighting. Here are summer lighting tips for your home and garden.

Do not overdo the lights.

Less is more when it comes to setting the correct lighting for your home. Never overdo it. If you put too many lights in a seating area, this will leave your friends squinting. They may be unable to see the rest of your area. It is essential to have a good plan for what needs to be done in a particular area in your house. Well-planned lighting creates visual interests and shadows throughout the area is vital to achieve a great ambience. There are do-it-yourself samples that you can find online. I prefer going this way due to its personalised appeal. Your guests will know that you planned and executed the lighting plan of your home as it usually reflects your personality.

Use Subtle Light for Entertaining

The dining/patio area and other outdoor rooms can significantly benefit from subtle and indirect lighting. Subtle and indirect lighting creates a relaxing and restful mood for the area. There is an increasing number of people using outdoor lanterns, pendants and ceiling fans with lighting kits to illuminate their dining areas. Also, the use of LED lights with dimmable functions helps create this mood for your area. LED lights in your kitchen, for example, you can turn to full brightness while preparing food and dim it down for relaxing or eating.

Use LED lights for landscaping lighting

Use low voltage, in-ground LED lights to define your garden. The proper use of well-placed garden lights will establish garden pathways and other visual interests at night. These lights also help make a small yard look big. You can use landscaping lights with a timer so they will turn off during the day. These lighting bulbs and fixtures with a photocell unit helps you save money. You can find different types of outdoor lights on our website.

Take a look from the inside of your house

What is there to check from the inside of your own home? There are many things you can see from the inside of your house, especially when you want to check your garden arrangement and lighting. Check out how the spaces in the patio, pathways and gardens look like from the inside of the house. Your living room and dining rooms will have an expanding view at night when garden lights and shrubbery can be seen from the inside. Buy cost-efficient garden lighting and path lighting for the garden areas to improve their appearance during the night. There are LED lights with waterproof capabilities that are suitable for outdoor use. You might also want to consider going for the solar-powered lights and fixtures for your garden lighting.

Ask for suggestions from others

Though it is excellent to do all the planning and redecorating your home for summer, it doesn’t mean that you have to do everything on your own. When planning for home and garden lighting, it is always a good idea to ask the opinion of another person. This person could be your partner, family member, friend, gardener or even your neighbour. These people can help you decide whether your plan is good or not. Also, they can make suggestions to help improve your home lighting plan. Remember, when it comes to planning, two heads are better than one.

Choose ready-to-install lighting kits

If you aren’t very competent in installing electrical wiring, then you can choose to buy ready-to-install lighting kits for your home and garden. Many lighting options in the market makes a home and garden lighting project easy. You can buy a kit for your garden that you can plug directly to your outdoor outlet. A typical package includes typically several ground lights strung together on a cord. If you go for the LED lights, you can find LED lighting kits that have everything you need to install your garden lights successfully. A typical LED light kit includes the LED lights, wires, adapter, and a remote to turn on or off the lights and adjust the brightness of the lights.

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