Many people dream of setting up a media room in their homes. Whether big or small, watching movies inside a dedicated space with excellent acoustics, a surround sound system, recliner chairs, and a massive HD flatscreen TV elevates the viewing experience!

You might regard lighting as an afterthought with all the factors you need to consider when creating your ideal media room. Anyways, you may think they’re unnecessary since, like theatres, media rooms are supposed to be dark. Unfortunately, that’s a misconception. Media rooms still need lighting to create an immersive experience. Without it, you’ll feel that there’s something wrong or missing in your space.

So, if you have no idea how to design your home theatre’s lighting setup, here’s a guide you can follow!

Media Room Lighting Ideas: Tips and Tricks You Must Try!

When lighting your media room, your aim is to create a relaxing atmosphere that plunges you deeply into the movie. Match your film display by incorporating lights that are neither too bright nor too dark but just enough to recreate the experience of an actual movie theatre inside your home. There are several lighting fixtures that you can mount that can introduce something unique to your media room!

Install recessed lights

A recessed light fixture can breathe elegance with a purpose into your media room. It’s mounted flush into your ceiling, so they don’t protrude and disrupt your viewing zone. You can use these lights to illuminate the room while you find your seats, prepare snacks, and dim them when you’re ready to hit play. Having dimmers with your lights is beneficial in your home theatre because you can control the light intensity to suit whatever tasks you need to accomplish.

Incorporate wall lights/scones

Wall scones can integrate a soft glow into your movie room. These fittings are attached to the wall, and unlike other lighting fixtures, they shine light directly downward, upward, or at an angle. While wall lights come in various designs, it’s ideal that you stick with something minimal so you can add style to your room without being too distracting. Some wall lights are dimmable, which you can choose to leave on while watching a movie to add a hint of glimmer without dividing your attention from the actual film.

home theater

Add ambience lighting

You can create a warm and cosy atmosphere with ambient lights to get into the right mood before the movie. Ambient lights are mainly used as a primary lighting source, forming a welcoming feeling in a room. You can add your ambient lights anywhere that you want. Try putting warm white LED strip as backlighting to your TV screen to prevent eye strain! Aside from that, ambient lighting can add depth and increase the colour intensity of a space.

Opt for remote-controlled lighting

Remote-controlled lights are not necessary for your media room, but they are handy. It does not matter how you control your light as long as you have a remote control that you can easily access whenever you need it. This way, you won’t walk around in the dark, dreadfully search for the switch, or trip over your family or friend’s feet! With a click of a button, you’ll be able to turn your lights on, dim them (if possible) or change their colours (if possible).

Use colourful lights

While white lights (warm, cool, and natural) can add an elegant and luxurious appeal to your media room, having a splash of colour can create a more fun environment. It’s perfect, especially if you’re watching animated movies with your children! Try viewing a space-themed film, and switch on a lamp with an aquamarine light that has star projections.

Integrate LED strip lights

If you want ta futuristic vibe adorning your media room,

are the best for creating that image. Strip lights are incredibly versatile, so you can attach them anywhere, be it under your couch, on the steps, behind the TV or under your console.

TV with LED purple LED strips at the back

Include statement lights

To complete your entire room, finish it off with a statement lamp. It does not have to be grand or intricately detailed. It will work as long as it matches your room’s aesthetic and the vibe you’re going for. Just make sure that your statement overhead lighting is not too low that it will block the screen. If you’re going to install a pendant lamp, consider how much vertical space you have before buying. Remember, the primary purpose of a media room is to watch a movie. Let it go if you’re planning to buy a massive crystal chandelier that’ll end up blocking your view. Just stick with a simple pendant light that’s unique and can add an extra flair to your room.

There you have it! Seven lighting ideas to jazz up your media room. If this inspired you to upgrade your home theatre and is looking for high-quality lighting solutions, visit our website, Simple Lighting! We have a vast collection of indoor, outdoor, and commercial lighting.


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