LED panel lights are typically associated with office and commercial lighting. While seeing it in that setting is common, it’s more versatile and can be used in various environments. LED panel lights can serve both task and ambient lighting, and they can effortlessly adapt to your varying needs and blend in with any aesthetics you wish to try!

Understanding LED Panel Lights: A Comprehensive Overview

What is an LED panel light? This lighting solution often takes the shape of a square, rectangle or circle and has a flat and slimline design. Usually, it has a frosted diffuser that evenly distributes luminance throughout the space.

When you look inside, an LED panel light is made with LED chips that enable it to be energy-efficient, long-lasting and cost-effective. Depending on the model, you’ll find a variety of functions that are suitable for specific applications!

Some LED panels are dimmable, allowing for diverse brightness levels. This function is perfect for multifunction rooms where you’ll want to change the atmosphere depending on the activity you’re doing. Aside from that, some panel lights can be converted into emergency lighting. While it’s ideal to use everywhere, these fittings are particularly useful for places with high foot traffic as they can prevent chaos and panic.

Task Lighting: Boosting Productivity and Focus

Have you ever considered LED panel lights as task lighting? Well, you should! This lighting solution can provide focused illumination for specific tasks, helping you to be productive and efficient in a comfortable work environment. You can use it in your offices, kitchens, and work areas where task lighting is necessary to boost functionality.

LED panel lights as task lighting may not be conventional because you’ll typically use them for general lighting. However, with the suitable model and features, it’s not an idea that you should shut down. So, if you’re into innovative solutions, consider this approach!

Ambient Lighting: Setting the Mood and Atmosphere

When it comes to ambient lighting, using LED panel lights is not a foreign concept. Many offices, establishments, and residential properties have trusted LED panels to provide remarkable illumination!

LED panel lights, as ambient lighting, can provide your space with a soft and uniform glow that can enrich the overall atmosphere of the area. Depending on the colour temperature of your lights, it can create a cosy and relaxing vibe or a focused and productive surrounding!

Colour Temperature and Tunable White LED Panel Lights

As mentioned earlier, colour temperature can change the atmosphere of your space. It can make your workspace productive and functional and your resting area serene and warm. Since LED panel lights can provide sufficient coverage and illumination, it’s necessary to accurately select the appropriate LED colour as it will envelop the entire area. If you don’t want to be stuck with the wrong ambience, take some time to evaluate your space and requirements.

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For more flexibility, you can consider using a tunable white LED panel instead of a single-coloured one. A tunable LED panel will give you access to cool white, natural white, and warm white light in one unit. With this, it will be a smooth switch from sleep to work mode!

Choosing the Right LED Panel Lights for Your Space

When selecting the best LED panel light for your space, you must consider several factors. The features you’ll need will vary depending on the function you require. For task lighting, it’s better to get a panel light with a higher lumens count than what you intend for ambient lighting. That way, you’ll have sufficient illumination for your workspace. Alternatively, the brightness level varies for ambient lighting, so getting a dimmable panel light is more suitable. With this, you can change the intensity depending on your preferred atmosphere!

When it comes to the size and shape of your panels, this is influenced by the dimensions and intent of your space. For massive conference rooms, you’ll require high-intensity rectangle LED panels to ensure everyone is focused on what you’re discussing. On the other hand, you can use a circular or square panel as general lighting.

How about colour temperature? How will you decide? As mentioned, tunable white LED panels will provide more flexibility. So, if your space requires that characteristic, getting a tunable LED panel is more beneficial. However, say you have a fixed purpose for the room. If so, you can choose a specific LED colour. For example, cool white light is perfect in meeting and conference rooms. In storage rooms and hallways, it’s ideal to use natural white light. As for break rooms and reception areas, you can use warm white light!

While the recessed installation is typical for LED panel lights, it’s not your only option. You only need to get the right accessories, and you’ll be able to surface-mount or suspend your LED panels! To evaluate which mounting option you should use, consider the characteristics of your room. If the ceiling is too low, suspension may not be the best choice. Alternatively, if you have sufficient vertical clearance, you can experiment with surface-mounting or hanging your panels!

Maintenance and Care for LED Panel Lights

Although LED panel lights are low maintenance, you must check on them occasionally to guarantee they’re performing properly and will last long. Don’t worry; caring for this lighting solution is not as tedious as you think!

You only need to wipe the fittings with a clean, damp cloth to remove all the dust and dirt buildup that may prevent the luminance from reaching the surfaces below. Also, check the connections and wiring of your panels. If there’s something amiss, address it immediately to prevent more severe damage. When troubleshooting, if you’re knowledgeable, it’s okay to DIY while ensuring you’re practising safety precautions. However, it’s better to call for an electrician if you’ve never dealt with electricity.

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Conclusion: Elevating your Space with the Versatility of LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are versatile enough to serve as task and ambient lighting. It comes in different shapes, sizes, colour temperatures, installation options and brightness, allowing you to find the perfect match for your lighting requirements! So, consider using LED panel lights if you’re after a well-lit and aesthetically pleasing environment. If you don’t know where to purchase top-quality LED panel lights, visit our website, Simple Lighting. We have an extensive collection, so you’ll find one that fits your needs!


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