In recent times most of us have spent more time in our homes than ever before; this may have made us consider our existing decor and decided it was time to add a little sparkle. Adding low hanging lights to a room is a simple way to update its look without spending a fortune or having to carry out major refurbishments.

When we are discussing low hanging lights, we are usually talking about pendant lights or chandeliers. Pendant lighting is a type of light fixture that is suspended from the ceiling usually by a chain, a cord, or a rod. They are used either as a single stand-alone light fixture or can be hung in a series.

This type of lighting is extremely versatile and looks great in just about every room, depending on the height of the ceiling, of course. Pendant lights can be used in a number of different ways, for instance, as task lighting in a kitchen or above a billiard table or relaxing ambient lighting for the living room or as a bold statement piece in your dining room or hall.

They come in many sizes and styles, so narrowing down the right pendant lighting for your needs can be challenging. Once you have read this article, your options should be a lot clearer and give you the confidence to enhance your home with some stylish low hanging lights.

What To Consider When Choosing Pendant Lighting

When it comes to pendant lighting, the possibilities are endless. There are lots of factors to think about, but if you narrow down your choices and have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your new lighting, it will make the process much simpler. Here are some of the considerations you should think about before making your decision.

What Is The Purpose of Your Pendant Lights?

The first and most essential question you should ask yourself is what is the purpose of the lighting. It will be likely for one of three reasons to provide task lighting, general lighting, or accent lighting. With task lighting, the light will be focused on one specific area or activity, for instance, spotlighting a kitchen island or illuminating a home office desk. General lighting is usually situated in the centre of the room and will be used to provide overall light and ambience. Lastly, we have accent lighting that will illuminate a certain part of a room or highlight a feature that you want to show at its best.

Types of Pendant Lights

There are plenty of different kinds of pendant lights, these are some of the common types available that you might want to consider.


You might also see multi-lights called cluster-pendants and pendant chandeliers, so to save any confusion they are all the same thing. Multi-lights offer multiple pendants that stem from a single central fixture. They can contain anywhere between three and twelve lights. If you have only one electrical opening in your ceiling, they are a perfect option.

Mini Pendants

Mini pendants, as their name implies, are scaled-down versions of standard pendants. The smaller size makes them much more versatile, and they can be used individually for accent and task lighting or clustered for ambient lighting. Their reduced size makes them perfect for small rooms.


Shaped like drums, this type of hanging ceiling light consists of a circular metal frame with a cloth or other materials stretched over it. They are available in a wide selection of colours, sizes, and styles. These light fixtures are suitable for the task or ambient lighting as they are offered with the bottom of the shade, both closed or open. Do take into account that the darker the colour of the shade is, the less light will shine through it.


Adjustable lights allow you to adjust the angle and height of the pendant, making them ideal for accent or task lighting. You also might see them called spotlight or directional pendant lights.
The great benefit of Adjustable lighting is that when it is hung closer to the ceiling, it will light up the whole room, but you also can hang it lower for task lighting.


Sometimes referred to as kitchen island pendant lights, they are similar to the multi-light type with several lights running lengthways on a single fixture. As well as being ideal for kitchen Islands, they are a great lighting option for a desk or for pool and snooker tables.


This type of pendant light, also known as an up-light pendant project, light upwards to provide ambient lighting. Popular spaces to install inverted pendant lights are in the dining room or in hallways.


The opposite of the inverted pendants and sometimes known as bell-shaped pendants. As you are sure to have guessed, they direct the light in a downward direction, making them an excellent task light and a good choice as a reading light or for illuminating a kitchen island.

Pendant Light Material

Choosing the material your pendant lights are made of will be influenced by your personal aesthetics and your budget. The most affordable pendant lighting will be made from fabric or plastic, while higher-priced materials will be made from concrete, glass, and metal. You’ll also want to consider the colour and finish of the lights you are choosing.

If you are going for a minimalist, industrial look, then metal pendant lamps are in trend with both shiny and matte finishes to choose from. They are available in many designs, both contemporary and traditional – metal benefits from being durable and long-lasting, as well as easy to care.

Concrete pendants also have an industrial style and are inspired by minimalist Scandinavia design. If you want a standout statement piece, then a concrete hanging light would achieve this.

Matched with the right bulb glass pendant lighting will provide you with clear, all-round lighting and will match almost any home decor making it one of the most popular of pendant lighting materials.

Style of Pendant Light

Whatever the current style of your decor, you’ll be sure to find pendant lighting that matches it. Be it industrial, rustic, farmhouse or even a coastal themed room, you won’t have any difficulty in finding a hanging light that will complement the look of your room.
Where Are You Installing Your Hanging Pendant Lights?
Pendant lighting can be utilized in any room in your home, as long as the height of your ceiling is suitable for low hanging lights. You should consider the light fixture that’s appropriate for the area, pendant lighting in one room could be totally unsuitable in another. You should also be aware of the size and measurement of the room where the lights will be installed.

It might be that you plan on hanging a variety of pendant lights in different rooms if so you should consider your budget. If you are going to hire someone to install your lights, don’t forget to add this cost to your budget, it’s something that is often overlooked.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

One of the most popular places to install pendant lighting is in the kitchen, especially the above kitchen islands. Task lighting is needed in a kitchen for both food preparation and to keep it clean, the best choice would be a downlight such as a linear pendant or some mini pendants.

For the best of both worlds, if you need extra illumination for cooking food and ambient lighting for relaxing in the kitchen with a friend over a glass of wine, look for models with dimmers.

Another practical area for hanging ceiling lightings in the kitchen is over the sink, popular choices for over the sink pendant lighting are those with stainless steel finishes.

Pendant Lighting for Your Living Room

You have lots of options when it comes to hanging lights for your living room. You can opt for a large centrepiece pendant or even a chandelier for the primary lighting in the room or maybe mini pendants to offer accent lighting combined with other lighting methods such as floor and table lamps. If you have a TV in the living room, be aware that pendant lighting that is too low might cause screen glare.

Low Hanging Ceiling Lights for Your Dining Room

Suspending pendant lighting above a dining area is extremely popular. It’s a great centrepiece for the table. Using a dimmer or a height-adjustable light, you can tailor the ambience for your dinner parties, brighter when you and your fellow diners are eating and softer cosy lighting for those after-dinner drinks. It is suggested to have your pendant light 90-100 centimetres above your dining table as you don’t want to block out whoever is sitting opposite you, probably!

Low Hanging Bedroom Ceiling Lights

When it comes to designing a bedroom most people decide on bedside lamps without giving pendants a second thought. While not common, having pendant lights on either side of your bed is a good way to save space as you won’t need table lamps on your bedside cabinet, saving clutter.

Hanging Ceiling Lights for Hallways

Pendant lights can add a wow factor to your hallway and make use of the extra height that these areas usually have. As hallways can often be bare and a little lacklustre pendant lighting or chandeliers can transform this area. Also, make sure that any doors that lead on to the hallway have enough clearance to open and close. If your hallway leads on to your staircase, you could consider extra lighting, making sure that it doesn’t hang low enough so that you have to duck every time you walk up and down the stairs!

Pendant Lights for a Bathroom

Bathrooms can be a great place for hanging pendant lights, but only if you have the height and room. Low hanging light in a small bathroom is going to look out of place. Bathroom pendant lighting is an excellent way of providing accent lighting for a bath or over a sink. In a high ceilinged bathroom that has space, pendant lighting can look stunning.

Pendant lights for your Pool or Snooker Table

For those of you who have a pool or snooker table at home, pendant lighting adds charm and functionality. Choosing the style for your games room will depend on your tastes. You can go for a retro effect or a more modern feel. You should also ensure that the lamp is hung at a level that won’t interfere with your gameplay.

Final Thoughts

We hope we have inspired you to upgrade your home with some striking pendant lights. Combining functional utility with aesthetic appeal, they can help create ambience and atmosphere in any room. If you are excited about installing pendant lights in your home, take your time choosing, there’s no rush. Picture in your mind the look that you want to create and go from there.


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