Outdoor lighting can enhance the security of your perimeter, boost your home’s curb appeal, and improve the overall safety of your space. Although you’ll have to spend time and money designing your property’s perfect outdoor lighting system, it is worth all the investment!

If you’re beginning to develop your outdoor lighting, the first fixture you should get is LED flood lights. It’s versatile, energy-efficient and, most importantly, has sufficient brightness and coverage to illuminate your outdoors!

Importance of Outdoor Lighting

How much time, money and effort did you spend customising your indoor lighting? If you spent days crafting the perfect plan, you should spend as much time and effort making your outdoor lighting system. Why?

Outdoor lighting is not just for aesthetics. Yes, it sets your home apart from the rest and elevates its visuals. However, there’s more to it than just beatification! Outdoor lighting keeps you safe. If left in the dark, your property will be an easy target for trespassers and thieves. Also, if you cannot see outside, you won’t be able to react before someone approaches your front door! What if you have children at home? Just imagine how dangerous it will be for them.

LED flood lights can ensure that you outdoors are visible and well-lit. It can seamlessly adapt to various outdoor settings and is versatile enough to meet your needs. So, if you don’t know where to start with your outdoor lighting setup, LED flood lights are the perfect foundation!

Selecting the Right LED Flood Light for Your Space

There are more types of LED flood lights than you initially thought. So, if you come unprepared, you might be overwhelmed with all the selection! So, to prevent that from happening and guarantee that you only purchase the one suitable for your needs, here’s what you need to consider when buying!

home with LED flood light

Determining Lumens for Optimal Brightness

When purchasing flood lights, the first thing that you need to check is the lumens count. Do you automatically choose the brightest one? Nope! The luminance of the fixture should coincide with the size of the space.

For small areas like walkways, staircases, residential areas and small stores, you can use 1600 to 4000 lumens. If you’re getting LED flood lights for yards, semi-large building exteriors, and fields, choose 4000 to 10000 lumens. When you’re illuminating parking lots, get 10000 and above.

Consider Colour Temperature for Ambiance

Colour temperature affects the mood and atmosphere of your outdoor space. Depending on your intended use, you can choose between cool, warm or natural white light. Get cool white or natural white if you want to use the LED flood lights to reinforce your security. It’ll enable you to quickly identify anyone entering your gate. Opt for warm white light if you’re using the LED flood light to make a cosy ambience for your deck or gazebo.

If you want something more adaptable, choose a colour temperature adjustable LED flood light. If you get that, you’ll have access to all three colour temperatures, enabling you to change the atmosphere of the space to match your mood!

Motion Sensors and Smart Features for Enhanced Security

While browsing for LED flood lights, you might come across those with motion sensors or smart features. Do you need them? Having motion sensor LED flood lights can amplify the security of your outdoors. If someone enters and the sensors catch the movement, it will immediately activate, startling the person. When this happens, not only will that person retreat, but you’ll also be alerted that someone is within your property.

Furthermore, LED flood lights with smart features are customisable and automated. If you’re going on an extended vacation, you can program your lights’ wake-up and sleep time to create an illusion that someone is around!

Installation and Placement of LED Flood Lights

Outdoor lighting installation is more complicated than indoor lighting installation. The elements present outside your home are far harsher than those inside. Since water and electricity do not mix well, you must be extra careful when mounting lighting fixtures.

Instead of doing it yourself, calling an electrician to install your LED flood lights is better. Because they’re knowledgeable about them, they know how to install them correctly while keeping themselves safe.

As for the placement of the flood lights, to get the best coverage, have them installed near the roof, with the beams directed downwards. Although it’s more convenient to mount the LED flood light at a lower position, the light beams might not provide enough coverage.

Energy Efficiency and Longevity of LED Flood Lights

Typically, LED flood lights have a high lumens count. Because of this, you might worry about its electrical consumption. If it’s a non-LED flood light, yes, you need to worry, but if it’s an LED flood light, you can rest easy!

LED flood light banner

LED flood lights are energy efficient because they can convert most of the power they consume into light with very minimal ending up as waste. As a result, even if it only has a relatively low wattage requirement, it can still produce outstanding illumination!

In addition, LED floodlights can last longer than non-LED variations. It does not have parts that easily burn, so you can expect them to endure for years!

Conclusion: Elevate Your Outdoor Spaces with LED Flood Lights

Illuminating your outdoors does not only elevate its aesthetics. It also boosts the safety and security of your property. It’s essential that you plan it thoroughly and choose lighting fixtures that will enable you to enjoy a beautiful and well-lit space! LED flood lights can help you with beatification, protection, and functionality. It’s energy-efficient and long-lasting, so you can use them all you want without worrying about your monthly electrical bill!

If you don’t know where to get top-quality LED flood lights, visit our website, Simple Lighting. Besides LED flood lights, we have an extensive selection of indoor, outdoor, and commercial lighting solutions!


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