Do you know what Alexa is? You may have heard your friends or relatives say, “Alexa, turn the kitchen lights on”, or “Alexa, dim the living room lights”. Nope, Alexa is not a who but a what. If you’re not familiar with this state-of-the-art technology, it may be a good idea to start familiarising yourself with it! These devices are making their way into many households, and soon, they might knock on your door.


What is Alexa?

Alexa is a virtual assistant technology based on a Polish speech synthesiser named Ivona. The technology was brought by Amazon in 2013 and was first used with the Amazon Echo smart speaker and the Echo Dot.

This smart speaker is capable of voice interaction, streaming podcasts and music playbacks, setting alarms, creating to-do lists, and providing real-time information like news, traffic, weather forecasts, sports, and more. In addition, Alexa can control numerous smart devices, using itself as a hub for a home automation system.

With this device, you’ll be able to effortlessly juggle between several tasks, saving you more time and energy to do the things that you love!


Can you use Alexa with LED Strip Lights?

Another bonus that you get if you have Alexa in your home or office is controlling your LED strips through it! With this, you’ll just say the words, and your lights will do as you say. However, before you can command your lights into doing your bidding, you need to set it up first! How? It’s actually pretty simple!


What Strip Lights Can You Use with Alexa?

Before you jump to the installation, you need to ensure you have suitable materials. That means having the right LED strip that’s compatible with your smart device.

There are two types of LED strips that work with Alexa. The first is a smart LED strip light that states “Supports Alexa”, “Compatible with Alexa”, or Works with Alexa” on the packaging or technical specifications. It’s clearly indicated that the LED strip itself is a smart device.

The second type of LED strip is the regular one that you can connect with a smart LED strip controller or plug so that it can connect to smart speakers like Alexa. How do the two differ?
Smart LED strip lights are specifically designed to integrate with Alexa and can provide you with a better lighting experience and more features. Alternatively, a regular LED strip light linked to a smart controller or plug is restricted by the features of the remote. While it may have fewer functions, you won’t miss out on the experience of telling your lights to turn on/off!


How to Link LED Strip Lights to Alexa

Connecting your strip lights with Alexa is effortless and straightforward. You just need to follow the instructions on the packaging, and your lights are ready to go. If you have regular strips, link them first to your smart controller/plug, and you’ll be able to connect them to Alexa. Technically, your strip lights are not directly connected to Alexa, but it’s your smart controller that receives the transmission. Alexa is managing your controller while your controller/plug is operating your lights.

For the smart LED strip lights, all you need to do is plug them or wire them (depending on the installation instructions of the strip) and pair them with Alexa. You can check out the instructions in the packaging of your strips for a more detailed guide.


How to Control Regular Strip Lights with Alexa?

Now that you’re done pairing your lights with Alexa, it’s time to learn how to manage it. There are three methods to control your regular strip lights with Alexa – through an app, voice command or scheduling.

If you want to use your phone when operating your lights, go to the Alexa App and look for your device. After it’s connected, you can turn your lights on/off with your phone. Aside from that, you can also manage your lights using voice commands. Just say, “Alexa, turn on (controller/plug name)”, and it will do as you say! If you’re looking for another way aside from the two, then you can schedule your smart controller when to switch on/off your strip lights. Just use the Alexa app on your smartphone, set your lights’ wake and downtime, and it’s ready to activate however you planned!


How to Control Smart LED Strips using Alexa?

Similar to regular strip lights paired with a smart controller/plug, you also have three ways to control your smart LED strips with Alexa – app, voice command and scheduling.

The process is also similar to regular strip lights. However, you directly link the strip lights with your smart speaker instead of connecting the controller/plug. So, following the same procedures, for the app, tap the devices option, then click lights and look for your smart strips. You can then switch it on/off, or you may find additional features like dimming/brightening and changing the colours of your strip lights. The extra features are dependent on the type of smart LED strips that you have. The second is via voice command. Again, same process, but instead of saying the name of the controller/plug, say the name of the light. As for scheduling, you can use Alexa’s app or the smart strip light’s app if available. As easy as pie!

Using your strip lights with Alexa gives it a different charm than just managing it the usual way. Your lighting experience becomes more exciting and comfortable, thanks to the convenience the smart devices offer.

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