When it comes to outdoor lighting solutions, having an exterior worth making noise about is essential for oncoming visitors.

Not only does it have to be aesthetically pleasing, but outdoor lighting must be practical for any tasks that need to be dealt with. Whether it’s an LED wall light, LED flood lights, outdoor wall lantern, etc – it must illuminate the primary spaces of your garden.

Nonetheless, it can be tough to think of outdoor lighting ideas that suit you and your household.
Ideas can be skewed and involuntary decisions can be made that end up ruining the look of your garden.

Don’t worry – we’re here to help. Read along for some valuable modern outdoor lighting ideas that could complement your outdoor setting!


Benefits of Installing Outdoor Lighting

Before we discuss some of the best outdoor lighting ideas, let’s talk about the benefits of having lighting outside your home.

As humans, we love spending time outside when we get the chance. However, as the nights are slowly beginning to become darker again, it can be difficult to be productive outside after sunset.

Anything from playing sports in the garden with your family to a social event may be impossible to host when darkness hits. Consequently, if there was a solution to this such as outdoor lighting, it would make these events possible, no matter the time of day.

Other than productivity, there are a plethora of benefits that will take you by surprise about installing modern outdoor lighting. Here are the main purposes for introducing any forms of outdoor lighting into your garden renovation plans:


Intruders Will Think Twice

As lighting is typically thought of as an aesthetic feature, people forget that lighting will cause any potential intruders to second guess their mission to move forward with their actions.

If your garden is illuminated for you and the public to see, not only will the intruder have less chance to hide – but, they are much more likely to be seen on any security footage that you or a neighbour has, and scared off.

Although this is a thought that may not cross your mind, everyone is always susceptible to having it happen to them. With there being so many different options, including LED outdoor wall lights, stainless steel outdoor wall lights, decking lights and many more – there is something to cover every part of your garden.


Increase Your Property Price

Nowadays, with it being increasingly laborious to stand out from the crowd, unique features are needed all around your home. This includes your garden. If you own a home, as you may know, it is hard to maintain and structure your garden to a high standard.

Recently, with lighting (in particular LED) becoming favoured among the public, having a well-set up lighting system in place with outdoor wall light lamps, lanterns, strip lights, etc will be sure to boost the value of your household.

If you decide on lights that suit the structure of your garden and home, this visual aspect will always persuade buyers and landlords to offer more money/ sell your house for more money in today’s love for creativity.


Focus on Your Best Features

Often it can be easy to miss the minor details when it comes to showcasing the greatest features of your garden. Something that you may think is nothing may be something to a potential buyer of your household (or a visitor) – so taking advantage of your garden and showcasing them at its peak lighting is vital.

For example, you could have a pool in your garden. Installing decking lights or LED flood lights to bring out the colour of your water is such a minor change, but such an aesthetically pleasing sight.

Or, you may have flower beds hanging on your wall. Positioning modern outdoor wall lights will enhance the colours of your flowers – making for a special ambience.


Modern Outdoor Lighting: Ideas For Your Garden

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits that outdoor lighting can portray to the visual appearance of your garden, we are looking to present some potential ideas that could suit your lighting needs.

If you’re confused about the exterior lighting that you want to install in your garden, here are a few examples of what you could implement immediately:


Fully Expose Your Exterior

If you think of a well-lit garden, you will instantly think of your best garden features (tables, walls, mirrors, fountains, etc) being illuminated to full capacity. Many people opt for LED outdoor wall lights. Along your walls, trail matching lights can be fitted to give your house and garden some well-needed light after darkness arrives.

If all of your lights have equal distances between them, with recently painted brickwork (in the colour of your choice), your house will be shining during all hours of the day. Also, if you have any woodwork, i.e decking areas – re-painting that and adding some decking lights will go a long way!


Add Festoon Lighting

Festoon lighting is slowly becoming more and more favoured. These lights are simple to install, yet make all the difference in adding festive items to your garden. In addition, you can let your freedom and creativity carry your ideas where you want the lights to go.

For example, you could have them hanging from your fence. Or, if you have trees or big plants in your garden growing – you could tie them around the tree or plant for a textured decor.

Much like art, you have the chance to express your feelings and imagination, so there is no right answer to where these should go.


Garden Spike Lights

Experimenting with garden spike lights can be extremely fun for the innovative mind. For instance, if you have Astro or grass in your backyard, planting garden spikes around the area can seriously enhance the look of that area.

Or, you may want to plant garden spike lights on the entry to your household. Not only to prevent intruders but to create a romantic/ elegant entry leading up to your household.

Having great outdoor lighting is equally important as having great indoor lighting (ceiling lights, bathroom wall lights – so it is crucial to have a good combination of both for practical and stylish reasons.

If you’re looking for modern outdoor lighting for your home, our expert team at Simple Lighting are on hand to help you find and fit your ideal lights.


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