Bedroom lighting must be relaxing and atmospheric but still brilliant enough to provide good visibility when needed. Because of this, many people prefer dimmable, softer, and warmer LED lights as they give an excellent range of flexibility to suit everyone’s preferences.

Aside from that, LED lighting is popular because of its functional performance and smart attributes. These energy-efficient bulbs can last longer and need less energy to run, earning you significant savings in the long run! You can also purchase LEDs that are colour-changing, dimmable, and smart (can be controlled using voice command via Alexa or Google Home). Because of this variety, it ensures the lighting in your bedroom will always accommodate your needs!


LED Lights in Bedroom: Which Should You Get?

When choosing the best lighting for your bedroom, you need to pay attention to your circadian rhythm and practicality. You must pick LED fixtures that will enable you to have enough visibility and simulate natural light to develop healthy sleeping habits.

Regarding visibility, most of the factors you need to consider depend on your needs and preferences. Do you read before going to bed? Are you using your bedroom as your home office as well? Do you prefer your bedroom to be soft and cosy when your lights are on, or would you rather it be bright for when you work or look for something? Your goal is to match the light intensity you want with the lumens output of the LED light.

Most of the time, the light intensity of the bedroom should be around 1,500 – 4,000 lumens. If you want to have bright visibility and atmospheric lighting, it’s better to get a dimmable fitting. It’s the perfect solution, as you can adjust the brightness level of your lights as needed. Also, you can choose to layer lights to give your bedroom more versatility.

For example, you can use warmer and softer lights as general lighting and use brighter fixtures for task lighting (bedside lamp) to give you a clear view while you read.

Regarding the effect of your bedroom lights on your circadian rhythm, light intensity and colour temperature are the top aspects to consider. To sync your indoor lights with your body’s nocturnal rhythm and inner diurnal, you should imitate the brilliance and shade of natural light.

In the matter of bedroom lighting, it means mounting LED lighting that promotes and enables melatonin production in the brain (a hormone responsible for sleep and wake cycle regulation). Blue tones can stimulate your normal waking state, while warm tones promote rest. So, it’s best to stick with 2,700 and 3,000K colour temperatures for bedroom lighting.


Benefits of LED Light

Many people are switching to LED lights but should you too? Are there any benefits to changing from traditional lights to this new technology? Will it be more beneficial for bedroom lighting?
There are many reasons to switch to LED lights from your old bedroom lights. Here are some of its significant advantages:


Longer Average Lifespan

The long average lifespan of LED lights will make you swoon because it cuts down your maintenance cost and the time and effort you spend on replacements. On average, LED light bulbs and fixtures can last between 20,000 – 50,000 hours, with some extending until 100,000 hours! Compared to standard fittings, that’s about 40 times longer! Aside from that, unlike halogens and incandescent, LEDs don’t burn out. They only diminish in brightness once it goes past their expected lifespan.


Energy- efficient

Nothing beats LED lights when it comes to energy efficiency. They only require a small amount of power while converting most of it into light rather than heat! LED lights don’t get as warm as standard fixtures, and it has a luminous efficiency rating of 75 to 90 percent. Incandescent bulbs are only 20 percent efficient, so swapping them out will really reflect in your electricity bill!


Dimming Ability

An LED fixture’s dimming ability makes them ideal for bedroom lighting. Versatile and customisable, LEDs already have an extensive range of colour temperatures and brightness levels, so you can create both a cosy and relaxing setting or a brilliant and clear atmosphere.

With an LED’s dimming ability, you only need to adjust the brightness throughout the day to suit your preferences. It’s practical and economical since you can use the same fixture while you read a book and as you sleep.


Comprehensive Colour Range

Colour temperature is critical in bedroom lighting as it can impact your sleep and wake cycle. However, LEDs offer not only cool white to warm whites but also an entire colour spectrum! It’s not like those traditional bulbs that get their colour from the coating on the bulb, which tends to fade over time.


Best LED Bedroom Lights

By this time, you already know how to choose a bedroom fixture and which type of lights is the most ideal. Now, here are the most suggested light fixtures to include in your bedroom! Also, if you are looking for some excellent bunk beds, we recommend our friends over at Bed Kingdom.


Smart Colour Changing LED Light Bulbs

These bulbs can change from one colour to another, with some being colour-tuneable as well! You can control it using an app on your phone or by voice command using Alexa or Google Home!


RGB + WW LED Strip Lights

These LED strip lights are versatile and can change between thousands of colours, including warm white light. You can control it using a remote control, mains wall plate or through an app or smart speaker when you pair it with a smart home controller module.


Smart LED Filament Bulbs

These bulbs look like classic filament bulbs, but it’s integrated with LED technology making them energy-efficient, long-lasting and cost-effective! Also, since it’s a smart bulb, you can control it using an app or voice command devices like Alexa or Google Home.

Generally, LED lights are the best type of fixture not only for your bedroom but also throughout your home. It has excellent lumens output, a long lifespan, and, more significantly, it consumes less energy. When choosing your bedroom fixtures, always remember to identify your needs and employ the lights to supplement them! If you’re looking for high-quality LED lights, visit our website, Simple Lighting!


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