The working environment is a critical factor in productivity. If an office is cluttered, illuminated with flickering lights, and designed with a static layout, naturally, there’s no motivation or inspiration. Without the will to work, productivity will never transpire.

Lighting is one of the most essential elements in creating a work conducive environment. It’s an even higher priority over ergonomic chairs and tables! In a creative space, having an exquisitely set up lighting system is of utmost importance because it can significantly influence a person’s perspective, mood, and output. An LED panel light is one lighting solution that can help make a stimulating creative workspace. How can they transform work environments and optimise productivity? Here’s a closer look!

Understanding the Benefits of LED Panel Lights

Compared to a traditional lighting fixture, LED panel lights are superior in terms of light quality, energy efficiency and longevity. Besides that, they produce a natural-flicker-free luminance that allows an individual to focus and avoid developing eyestrains, headaches, and migraines. With an LED panel light, you can concentrate and finish your work even if you have to spend extended hours.

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Choosing the Right LED Panel Lights

Deciding to focus on proper lighting is only the first step. While having the resolve to do it will motivate you, you must also know the aspect that must be considered when choosing the fixture. Not all LED panels are the same. Therefore, you need to be careful when selecting, especially for a studio or gallery where lighting can change the appearance of the work.

Natural light is the top priority for any space. It provides the best light quality and can positively influence an individual’s mood. However, not everyone has access to sufficient natural light and not everyone can pack up and look for another place with one. So, how can you make do with your space without sacrificing the quality of light you’ll get? By selecting the best LED panels!

One factor you need to consider when choosing a panel light is colour temperature. The warmer the light appears, the warmer your perception of colours will be. Just by this factor, the entire picture of your art can change. So, if you want to accurately capture the colours in your drawings, paintings, etc., look for a LED panel with a 5000K colour temperature because it nearly mimics the light produced by the sun!

As for the light intensity, it’s best to choose a dimmable LED panel because the brighter the light, the darker the drawing and the weaker the intensity, the lighter the appearance of the strokes.

Setting Up Your Creative Workspace with LED Panel Lights

Here are some tips and tricks that you can do when designing your creative workspace!

Optimal Placement and Positioning

The placement and positioning of your panels are necessary as they can eliminate shadows. Typically, you’ll want well-balanced lighting and a shadow-free space. So, when doing that, there are various possible approaches that you can take.

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When using a flat surface, you should have two panel lights on each side with a 45-degree angle on the area that’s to be illuminated. This setup can minimise glare and allow even light distribution. Say you’re using a tilted surface. It’s best to position the panel lights slightly behind you but still on each side at a 45-degree angle. What if you’re working on an easel? The ideal setup is two lights on either side of the easel and two behind the artist, all at a 45-degree angle.

Creating a Stimulating Environment

Artists are sensitive to the environment their in. One can be inspired by the plant’s colour, the leaves swaying, or the smell of morning coffee. Lighting can be one of those sparks that can prompt an artist to work.

With more options, a person can fully customise the space to suit their needs. So, consider choosing a colour-changing LED panel or a colour temperature-adjustable LED panel to create more variations in the room’s atmosphere.

Customisation and Smart Lighting

Smart LED panel lights can provide convenience, allowing you to focus solely on your work. You can program it to accompany you with your creative routine and remotely dim and brighten the light intensity. Using smart LED panels will scale up the comfort level of your workspace, and it’s super versatile that you’ll find one made of you!

LED Panel Lights for Specific Creative Tasks

What kind of creative are you? A photographer? Maybe a writer? Are you a designer? Depending on the type of work you do, the lighting requirement of the space will differ. Here’s what kind of panels you need depending on your tasks!

Artist and Designers

Colour accuracy is essential for artists and designers; that’s why you must watch out for the CRI rating of the LED panel you’re choosing. A CRI rating of 90 and above can give you the most authentic colour representation for an artwork or display.

Also, consider getting a dimmable LED panel so your lights can adapt to your work. Again, light intensity has a role in showing the concentration of a drawing or image. With a dimmable LED panel, you’ll be able to get the right level for your work!

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Writers and Content Creators

Most of the time, writers and content creators spend extended hours looking at a screen. Paying attention to the placement and positioning of the LED panels is essential because less shadow and glare can help reduce eye strain and help increase focus.

It’s best to get an LED panel with anti-glare features and choose a warmer colour temperature for prolonged writing and editing sessions. Warm white light can calm the mind and create a serene space. So, consider adding that colour temperature if you’re most productive when relaxed!

As for recording video content, ensure there’s sufficient lighting because it’ll be harder to get good-quality output if the raw footage lacks proper lighting. Still, the amount of illumination depends on the ambience you want for your video.

Photographers and Videographers

Colour temperature and accuracy are key factors that must be present in a photographer and videographer’s studio. The colour can influence the tone of the output, so you need more diversity to produce different moods!

Using a colour temperature-adjustable LED panel will allow you to change the atmosphere of the setting to fit your concept. Also, only use top-quality LED panels because they can make or break the videos and images!


LED panels are versatile and come in various options. Because of this, it fits the requirements of a creative space! Not only can it improve a person’s productivity, but it can also ignite their artistry. Depending on the line of work, investing in LED panels that cater to their specific needs will be best.

With proper lighting, the quality of work improves, and the well-being of the creatives is taken care of! So, if you want to set up the perfect space for your creative team, visit our website, Simple Lighting! We have a wide range of LED panels as well as other commercial lighting solutions!


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