With technology evolving as times progress, more discoveries and inventions are made to make living better, easier, and more comfortable. Smart lighting is one of these technologies that revolutionise the manner in which lighting is now controlled and customised!

How important is lighting in terms of setting the mood and ambience of a home? How can smart lighting help in this aspect? If you want to know, here’s a closer look at this latest lighting technology and its ability to create the perfect environment for every occasion!

Understating Smart Lighting Technology

When traditional lighting systems are infused with intelligent technology, that becomes smart lighting. It’ll enable you to utilise your fixtures remotely, automate lighting, and customise lighting setups. Smart lighting technology is made to make a safer, more energy-efficient lighting solution!

Some of the key features of smart lighting are colour-changing capability, wireless management, automation, voice activations, and more. Because of this, it’s easy to be entranced by this technology, making a once-ordinary lighting system more convenient and efficient!

Transforming Your Home with Smart Lighting

Is smart lighting enchanting enough to captivate your attention? If so, before going out and purchasing the fixtures and accessories you’ll need, here are some things you need to know for your transition!

Choosing the Right Smart Bulbs and Fixtures

The most basic smart lighting that you can begin with is smart bulbs. Smart bulbs vary in shapes, sizes, colours, and bases like regular LED bulbs. You only need to match your lamp holder and ensure that it’s compatible with the smart bulb you intend to use.

Wi-Fi enable bulbs and Bluetooth-connected bulbs are the most common among the many options. Just consider which connection is most preferable for your lifestyle. Also, many smart bulbs are compatible with smart home ecosystems and smart speakers, making light management more enjoyable and comfortable!

What’s excellent about smart bulbs is that you can use them with various lighting fixtures, including table lamps, pendant lights, wall lamps, floor lamps, and more! To be sure, it’s still best to read through the description and technical specifications of the fixture and the smart bulb.

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Creating Personalised Lighting Scenes

While there’s no guarantee that every smart bulb can offer personalised lighting scenes, many do. This will enable you to change the mood of the space to suit the occasion you’re doing. Typically, you’ll encounter scenes like relaxation, movie night, a romantic evening, energising and more!

To know more about creating a personalised lighting scene, you have to read through the instructions that come with the model of smart bulb you bought. Since each model has their own design, the process may vary.

Adjusting Colour Temperature and Intensity

Colour temperature and intensity go hand-in-hand when creating the perfect ambience. For a relaxing atmosphere, choose warm white light and lower the brightness level. Alternatively, if you need to be efficient and productive, use natural white or cool white light and increase the intensity.

You’ll find smart bulbs that are dimmable and colour tuneable, which are ideal for illuminating multi-purpose areas like the kitchen, dining room, and bedroom (those that are used for working and sleeping). So, if you want to ensure that you get the appropriate vibe for the mood you’re in or the occasion you’re celebrating, look for a smart bulb with this feature!

Smart Lighting Automation and Scheduling

Another exciting feature that smart lighting offers is automation and scheduling. Here’s why you need these two functions!

Automating Lighting for Convenience

Smart lighting offers lighting automation based on time, occupancy and other external triggers. You can set a time when the lights will turn on or off or the fixtures will switch on/off if someone enters the room and leaves. Automation is excellent for saving energy and enhancing security. Since the fixture switches on/off during specific times only or when in need, no power will be wasted.

When you have automatic lights that turn on when a presence is sensed, people with ill intentions will get startled and leave your perimeter. Also, you’ll be warned there’s a presence within a certain distance of your home.

Setting Lighting Schedules

If you’re not a fan of the sound of your alarm, why not use your lights as an alternative? With smart lighting, you can set a specific time, just like setting an alarm. You can also utilise this feature for your daily routine or special occasions! Also, you can select wake-up and sleep hours, so when you’re on an extended vacation, you can create an illusion that someone is home!

Smart Lighting and Your Well-Being

Have you heard of the circadian rhythm? If you haven’t, it’s the mental, physical and behavioural changes following a 24-hour cycle. Triggered by light and dark, these responses affects most living things, like microbes, animals, humans, and plants.

Smart Lighting can help facilitate the balancing of your circadian rhythm. When you use a colour-tunable smart bulb, it can promote a healthier sleep cycle. How? You can use it to mimic the natural rise and set of the sun to ensure your body produces the necessary hormones to help you sleep and wake up.

When you get better sleep, you’ll feel more energised. Also, you can adjust a colour-tunable smart lamp to imitate natural lighting to enhance your mood and reduce stress!

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Smart lighting technology can make your lighting system more energy-efficient and convenient. It can dive deeper into enriching the atmosphere of your home, much better than a standard LED bulb. Also, smart lighting can improve your well-being and make your daily life more comfortable. Fascinated by this technology? Visit our website, Simple Lighting, because we have a collection of smart bulbs and accessories to help launch you into creating a smart home!


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