After years of celebrating Father’s Day, you may have run out of ideas about what to give to your dad. It’s probably the very reason why you’re looking up “best Father’s Day gifts” online! While gadgets, grooming essentials, or golfing gear are some of the top gift recommendations according to the internet, wouldn’t you want something more unique and unforgettable?

What about a room makeover in your dad’s man cave, gaming room or home office? Don’t worry! It won’t be as expensive and exhausting as you’re thinking. By changing a single element in the space, you can transform it and make it brand new!

Lighting can change the entire vibe of a space. Just adding one or two light fixtures and positioning them in a certain way can instantly elevate the visuals of a room. You don’t need to demo or paint anything (unless you want to). So, if you’re set on this gift idea, here are some lighting fixtures you can use!

LED Tape, RGBW 19.2w P/M, 60 LEDs Warm White

Does your dad prefer to stay indoors, playing games or watching movies? If that’s the case, you can add this LED tape to his game room, man cave or living room! This LED tape is RGBW, which has an extensive range of colours. You can put it at the back of the television, computer monitor or inside the ceiling alcoves of his office!

bedroom with blue strip lights

There are various ways to control this LED strip light, including Alexa or Google Home, making it more convent. In addition, incorporating this tape light will not just brighten the space up, but it can also add character and dimensions!

Glimmer Pro, Dimmable LED Bathroom Mirror with Shaver Socket

If your dad has a separate bathroom/vanity, you can swap out the regular mirror with this modern LED bathroom mirror! It has a dimmable LED light surrounding the mirror’s edge that changes colour temperature (transitions from cool white 6000K to warm white 4000K)!

In addition, this mirror has a demister pad and an integrated shaver socket, so when your dad finishes his warm shower, he does not have to wipe the fog and go straight to shaving and grooming. With this, he can get ready quickly and comfortably!

Set Of 4 Sky Cloud LED Panel Lights

If you have a nature-loving dad with a home office with no windows, this lighting solution is perfect! It’s a set of four top-quality LED panels that can project a clear image of the sky! When your father’s stressed and leans back to take a break, he’s mood will instantly change once he sees the bright sky!

Aside from that, this LED panel will not only upgrade the aesthetics of the space but also make it more functional, thanks to its cool white LED downlight and high lumens output!

Outdoor Smart LED Filament Festoon String Kit

Is your father a certified outdoor person? If he likes hanging out in your backyard, patio or deck, you can transform that space with these filament festoon lights! Unlike other festoon lights that can only be controlled using a regular switch or are plug-in, these LED festoon lights are different!

It’s RGB, giving you access to millions of colours, and it comes with a dedicated warm white light for when your father wants to chill and hang out. If you’re already excited about these features, calm down first because it gets even better!

This festoon string light is a smart device. Therefore, you can connect it to an app on your phone or through Alexa or Google Home for voice control. He just has to say, “Alexa, turn the lights off” or “Google, change dim the lights”, and his wish is their command!

Automatic Motorised Pop-Up Plug Socket with QI Charging for Worktops

If your dad is the chef in your home, he would love to have this handy automatic pop-up socket on the kitchen counter or island. This device is packed with many features that will make his stay in the kitchen more convenient!

Pop-up plug socket

It has three plug sockets and two USB slots (perfect for charging gadgets and plugging appliances), a built-in QI charger (suitable for charging phones) and an anti-trap safety feature so there’s no chance for fingers to get stuck! Besides that, having this pop-up socket in the kitchen will make it tidier and allow your dad to use multiple appliances simultaneously!

LED Tape Kit, Cool, Warm & Natural White 1 to 6 Metres

Does your dad need extra lighting in his home office? If so, go for something unconventional and use this LED strip kit! Depending on the room you’ll add, you can choose between cool white, natural white, or warm white light. Add warm white light to make your dad’s bedroom or the living room cosier. If it’s for his workspace, use cool or natural white light!

Pack of 5 GU10 Smart RGB + W Bulb

Is your dad tech-savvy and finds anything technology related interesting? If that’s the case, why not add these GU10 bulbs to the rooms he frequently visits? It’s a pack of five smart RGB + W bulbs compatible with any LED fixture with a GU10 lamp holder.

Because it’s a smart bulb, your dad can control it using an app on his phone, or he can connect it to Alexa or Google Home. Using either of those controls, your dad can switch between millions of colours, change from one colour temperature to another, and visit various brightness levels!


There are many ways to surprise your dad this Father’s Day. Big or small, it’s always the thought that counts. However, if you want to do something unconventional and quite different, consider adding these gift ideas to your dad’s favourite spots! If you need other lighting solutions besides those in this list, you can visit our website, Simple Lighting. We have an extensive range of indoor and outdoor lighting you can choose from!


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