When setting up your lighting system, there are many aspects that you need to consider. One of which is spacing! The placement of your fixtures has a significant impact on their effectiveness. If you don’t plan this carefully, you may end up with a shadowy area or an overly lit space. So, how should you space your lights?

Different lighting fixture requires a particular placement method. For now, let’s focus on plinth lights. These fittings have a more concentrated brightness, so it requires more space to not overpower the area they are illuminating. However, you should also not space them out too much, or you’ll end up with dark spots. So, where do you put them?

What is the proper spacing for plinth lights?

Determining the placement of your plinth lights relies heavily on the structure of your space. Because of this, it’s challenging to identify the exact measurements to use. The kitchen alone presents itself in different layouts with various placements of drawers, handles, cupboard doors, and other furniture pieces. However, here’s a tip.

Wherever it’s possible, make sure that your plinth lights are in the centre of each cupboard door or drawer. This will line up your plinth lights with your drawer handle or the centre of the cupboard and create a put-together and uniform look. If your drawers or doors are not the exact sizes, putting plinth lights about 400mm to 500mm apart is the best approach. Also, always remember to start from the corner and not the middle of your kickboard.

kitchen with dark brown cabinets

What are the benefits of installing plinth lights?

Although plinth lights are considerably smaller than other lighting fixtures, they are designed for a purpose. These small lights can bring a massive change when you add them to your space. One of the main reasons why plinth lights are installed is because they can modernise your space. Aside from that, its low light beam is the perfect blend for a relaxing ambience.

Besides these, plinth lights have other benefits such as:

Helps you navigate through the dark

Plinth lights have softer and more diffused light output. Because of this, you can use it as a night light to help you see in the dark even if your ceiling lights are off. Having this fitting, especially in the kitchen, will prevent you from tripping, stepping on potentially sharp objects or stubbing your toe!

Highlights distinct features in a room

While plinth lights are situated on the lower end of your space, they can still showcase unique points in your room. For example, your floors! Distinctive and aesthetic tiled floors are a trend now, and the best way to draw attention to them is with a plinth light!

Improves energy-consumption

LED plinth lights are designed with LED chips, making them incredibly energy efficient. On top of that, since it’s mainly used for accent lighting or night light, plinth lights are generally cheaper to run than other lighting fixtures.

Adds depth and dimension to a space

A room without a good lighting system can come off as dull and incomplete. That is why you should not forget to include it. Other than downlights and ceiling spotlights, plinth lights can also add depth and dimension to a room! Because of this, you’ll be able to see more diversity and a unique character in every room!

Enhance the ambience

Even if plinth lights are low-level lighting fixtures, they can still do wonders to the ambience of a space. You can create a cosy vibe by dimming your general lighting and utilising your warm white coloured plinth lights to bring out the relaxing feeling!

Do plinth lights come in a variety of choices?

If you think that plinth lights have a standard look, you are wrong. They come in various shapes, sizes, colours, and finishes. You can get them in a square, circle or those microdots that are pretty small but stunningly bright!

Plinth with microdot plinth lights

Aside from that, plinth lights also come in various colours. There’s the common natural white, cool white and warm white light and the festive RGB colour! Depending on the purpose of your lights, you can choose the appropriate colour to fulfil your needs.

Besides the shape and colour, plinth lights also have different finishes. You can get them in brushed chrome, polished chrome, stainless steel, silver, and more! With this, you’ll not have a hard time finding the perfect lights for your design scheme.

kitchen with yellow cabinets

There you have it! Now that you know the best way of spacing plinth lights and the benefits of using them, aren’t you more convinced to get one? If so, head on to our website, Simple Lighting, because we have an extensive collection of not only plinth lights but also other lighting solutions and accessories for indoors, outdoors and commercial spaces!


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