The kitchen is one of the busiest parts of a home. It’s where you cook, clean, chat, eat, etc. Because of its versatility and the diverse activities it covers, it’s necessary that it be fully equipped. One overhead light bulb will not be enough to supplement the needed illumination!

Under-cabinet lighting is one of the layers you should always keep in your kitchen lighting design. It can be task lighting when meal preps and washing the dishes, and it can also double as ambient lighting when sitting by the kitchen island with a glass of wine!

Among the many types of lighting fixtures that you can use as under cabinet lighting, LED strip lights are probably one of the easiest to mount and come in many options. The strip lights that make excellent under-cabinet lighting are:

Benefits of Using Strip Lights as Under Cabinet Lighting

Here are some of the benefits of LED strip lights to further convince you why they are high above the list for under-cabinet lighting!

  • Energy-Efficiency: LED strip lights are highly efficient because they are powered by LED technology. This revolutionary innovation can convert most of the electricity it consumes into light, with a relatively small portion ending as waste. As a result, even if an LED strip light has a low wattage consumption, it can produce significant illumination!
  • Longevity: Typically, an LED strip light has an average lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000 hours! That’s ten times longer than an incandescent bulb, which only lasts 1,000 hours. With an LED strip light, not only will your electrical consumption go down, but also your maintenance expenses!
  • Versatility: Today, there’s an endless selection of LED strip lights, and they keep expanding. Because of this, you can find a strip light for any lighting requirement, making them one of the most adaptable lighting solutions!
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Adding an LED strip to your kitchen can elevate its aesthetic appeal. In addition to under cupboards, you can attach it to your kitchen kickboards, in between shelves, inside the cabinets, over the upper cabinets, and more!

kitchen cabinet light with warm white light

Key Features of LED Strip Lights as Under Cabinet Lighting

What features should you check for an LED strip light that you’ll use as under cabinet lighting?


To determine the appropriate brightness, identify the use of the strip light. If you’re using the countertops as a workstation, you’ll want an LED strip with a high lumens count. This will provide the space with ample luminance, ensuring that you’re in a comfortable and safe working environment.

Say you are only adding under cabinet lighting to elevate the visuals of the room. In this case, you can settle for a less bright strip light.

Colour Temperature

Cool white, warm white or natural white? Again, you’ll know which to get based on the function of the strip light. For task lighting, go for cool white or natural white. Those colour temperatures can provide a clear view of the surroundings, allowing you to catch everything at a glance effortlessly.

Warm white light can be used for ambient or accent lighting. It will give the space more warmth, perfect for hosting guests or relaxing after a busy day.

Suppose you want to utilise your strip lights for tasks, accents, and ambient lighting. If so, there are colour-temperature adjustable strips that give you access to cool white, natural white, and warm white light!


To further improve and customise your under-cabinet light, consider choosing a dimmable strip light. Having the power to dim can change your entire lighting experience. Whenever you’re cleaning or preparing to put a meal on the table, you can adjust the brightness level to suit the activity.

In addition, dimming fixtures make it even more energy-efficient and long-lasting!

Waterproof and Heat Resistance

Water and fire are common elements in the kitchen. Therefore, the strip light you’ll use should be prepared for that environment. Check the fixture’s IP rating and heat resistance level. That way, you’ll know whether or not to use it!

LED tape banner 2


All in all, yes, LED strip lights are excellent for under-cabinet lighting. They are flexible, versatile, easy to mount, and come in many varieties. There are dimmable and non-dimmable options, and you’ll find waterproof and heat-resistant ones. If you’re hesitating to try them, take this as a sign that you should! When you do, you’ll see that it’s worth the resources that you invest!

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