The secret to achieving a modern kitchen look is not hidden in some secret scroll. Even regular homeowners can do it and you don’t even have to break the bank to get it. You just have to go and do the following:

  1. Capitalize on heights and levels.
  2. Create a layout
  3. Mind the floor
  4. Think about the backsplash
  5. Pick out the right hardware
  6. Light it all up
  7. Think of the future.

achieving that modern kitchen look

Tips on How to Achieve a Modern Kitchen Look

Of all rooms in a rental apartment or residential home, the kitchen is where decoration can have a significant visual impact. The reason being that kitchen cabinets come with standard door options and standard sizes. As such, it is up to the homeowner to budget to bring their kitchen back to life. However, cabinets are not the only amenity in the kitchen that homeowners can customize. Here are areas to focus on if you want to give you a kitchen that luxe design. Go for the Height

Tall upper cabinets don’t blend well with low ceiling spaces. Instead, experts recommend 42-inch cabinet models because they come with six additional inches, which are equal to extra storage space. Ceilings that are 9-foot and above work well in lofty areas and allow homeowners to stack upper cabinets for more storage space.

Consider the Layout

The rest is easy for a homeowner whose priority is a perfectly laid out kitchen. The distance between the refrigerator, the work triangle, and the stove should be a small footprint. Though there are exceptions, the fridge should always be closer to the entrance of the kitchen. After all, it is the primary destination for the kitchen-goers.

The Flooring

Faux often reign supreme on the floor of the kitchen. Wooden floors, which should be of the same quality as those in other rooms, work well for a kitchen with an open layout. However, laying out 12-inch ceramic tiles could lend a kitchen a modern, luxe look.

Know When to Splurge

Excluding the floor, the backsplash takes up the second-largest share of the visual real estate of the kitchen. That means every homeowner would want the backsplash of their kitchen to count. Backsplashes are an opportunity for a homeowner to express their personality and style without spending a fortune. Backsplashes are small enough not to require thousands of dollars to renovate. For a luxe look, go for the trendy slab backsplash.

modern kitchen look


Hardware and kitchen appliances are like earrings for the kitchen cabinets. One of their roles is to deliver a bang for the buck of a homeowner. Attention to details is crucial in rental apartments, where installation or replacement of kitchen hardware can add more elegance than any other renovation project. Appliances can change the appearance of a piece of furniture, including kitchen cabinets. For a new, unique look that elevates the curb appeal of a kitchen, homeowners should replace their cabinet pulls and drawers. Refining and sanding or replacing old, worn-out cabinet doors can give a kitchen a sleek look. Alternatively, create open shelves or forgo the cabinet doors to show off your kitchen’s new look. Homeowners can paint their old appliances that are still working well with a stainless steel finish. But be careful when buying a stainless steel finish not to go home with a liquid that won’t match your appliance and its use. Kitchen pop up chrome plug sockets is space-saving devices that can hide away wires and provide homeowners with extra power sockets that can keep their kitchen tidy. Brushed chrome sockets are a popular choice today, and it is easy to install them. Chrome socket with USB finish gives a modern kitchen area a chrome effect finish. It comes with two USB ports and plug sockets to allow homeowners to change up their kitchen appliances while they cook.

Illuminate the Kitchen

The first place where a visitor looks up to when he or she walks into a kitchen is the ceiling to check out its lighting options. For that reason, it is essential to install stunning lighting fixtures over the sink, the breakfast nook, and islands. While that is not a pragmatic moment, every homeowner would want to establish a visual hierarchy for the fixtures of their ceiling light. You may wish to one zone of the kitchen to act like the supporting characters and the others as a star so that the kitchen does not look like a Christmas tree. Pendants and chandeliers are the perfect lighting accessories to brighten up a kitchen. Their illumination can also enlarge the space and change the mood of a kitchen. Standard lights that are installed in rental apartments and residential homes are uniform. But homeowners can mix them up to give their kitchen an unexpected element and unique personality. Don’t hesitate to think outside the box. We’ve seen kitchens illuminated with LED tapes and they look wonderful!

Think Long-Term

Of course, the cabinetry finish will wear better, but homeowners should go for the best-quality faucet that they can afford. Also, consider the shape, finish, and price when looking for a sink. Like any other room, the artwork is an excellent way to elevate the appearance of a kitchen. Opt for bold and bigger artwork to give your kitchen an illusion of a bigger space. The artwork also works well for tenants who do not have the freedom to customize their kitchen area. Use of light colours on the cabinets and walls is another great way to brighten up a kitchen and make it look larger than it is. Bright colours reflect light to hide faults such as dents, dings, and scratches on the old kitchen cabinets.

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