There’s no hidden secret scroll to achieving a modern kitchen look. Even regular homeowners can do it, and you don’t even have to break the bank to get it. 

All you need to do is capitalize on the different heights and levels of your kitchen cabinets, craft a well-though kitchen layout, and make sure that your floor complements the other rooms of your home. Also, improve your backsplash, match your kitchen hardware, use the right lights, and consider the long-term maintenance of your kitchen. To help you better understand this, here’s a more detailed list of tips that you can follow.

Tips on How to Achieve a Modern Kitchen Look

modern open kitchen layout with whit cabinets and silver pendant lights
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In a rental apartment or residential home, the kitchen is where decorations can have a significant visual impact. It’s because kitchen cabinets come with standard door options and standard sizes. Because of this, it is up to the homeowner to budget and bring their kitchen to life. But, cabinets are not the only amenity in the kitchen that you can customise. Here are areas to focus on if you want to give your kitchen that luxe design. 

  1. Capitalise on heights and levels. Tall upper cabinets don’t blend well with low ceiling spaces. Instead, experts recommend a 42-inch cabinet model because they come with six additional inches, giving you extra storage space. Cabinets that are 9 feet and above work well in high areas. 
  2. Create a layout. When it comes to the kitchen, your priority should be the layout. Consider the refrigerator’s distance, the work triangle, and the stove. They should be at about an arm’s length from each other or would only take you a few steps to reach. Though there are exceptions, the fridge should always be closer to the entrance of the kitchen. After all, it is the primary destination for kitchen-goers.
  3. Mind the floor. Wooden floors, which should be of the same quality as those in other rooms, work well for a kitchen with an open layout. However, having 12-inch ceramic tiles across the room could give the kitchen a modern and sophisticated look.
  4. Think about the backsplash. Excluding the floor, the backsplash takes up the second-largest share of the kitchen’s visual allure. That means every homeowner should also pay attention to their kitchen’s backsplash. This area will allow you to express your personality and style without spending a fortune. Backsplashes are small enough not to require thousands of dollars to renovate. For a refined look, go for the trendy slab backsplash.
  5. Pick out the proper hardware.  Sometimes, installing or replacing hardware is all you need to add more elegance to your kitchen. For a new, unique look that elevates its appeal, consider replacing the cabinet pulls and drawers. Refining and sanding or replacing old, worn-out cabinet doors can also create a sleek look. Alternatively, having open shelves can show off a different vibe. For old appliances that are still working, you can transform them into functional decor by covering them with a stainless steel finish. But be careful when buying this finish. Make sure that it matches your appliance, and it won’t compromise its utility. You can also consider adding kitchen pop-up chrome plug sockets. It’s a space-saving device that can hide away wires and provide you with extra power sockets. Brushed chrome pop-up sockets are a popular choice today. Plus, it’s easy to install.
  6. Light it all up. When visitors walk into a kitchen, the first thing that they’ll notice is the lighting. For that reason, it is essential to install stunning lighting fixtures over the sink, the breakfast nook, and the islands. Just make sure that you don’t overcrowd your kitchen with lighting fixtures. You can establish a visual hierarchy and assign which part will be the supporting characters and the highlight. Pendant lights and chandeliers are the perfect lighting accessories to brighten up a kitchen. Their illumination can also enlarge the space and improve the atmosphere. Rental apartments and residential homes only have uniform standard lights. But you can mix them up to give your kitchen an unexpected charm and unique personality. Don’t hesitate to think outside the box. We’ve seen kitchens illuminated with LED tapes, and they look lovely!
open kitchen with a yellow accent wall
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  1. Think of the future. When you plan to remodel or renovate, consider the future. It is best to go for high-quality products instead of cheap ones. You’ll reap the benefits of your investment in the long run. When you plan to replace your faucet and sink, aside from choosing the style you like, consider its durability. Also, be sure to get premium-quality lights that don’t go out after a few months. Your kitchen should always be well-lit, and having a busted bulb can be a hazard, especially if it is in your workspace. 

There you have it! Now that you know these simple ways to achieve a modern kitchen, grab a pen and paper and start planning. Also, you can check out our website for all the lighting solutions that we mentioned.


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