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Why You Should Use Fire-Rated LED Downlights

LED downlights are the most popular form of ceiling lights you will find anywhere. They’re most commonly installed as recessed lights in the ceiling so they don’t encroach into the room, making them ideal for rooms where space is precious.


Downlights are the most popular form of modern ceiling lights

Added safety and peace of mind

LED fire-rated downlights are a long-lasting and energy-efficient alternative to halogen ceiling lights, saving you money on your bills and reducing your carbon footprint. These two benefits are reason enough for you to have them as part of your home lighting. But the major reason is the significant safety and peace of mind they give you.


Fire-rated downlights are tested to the highest safety standards

When installing any kind of light fitting into your ceiling, it’s important to evaluate the risk of fire and how it may spread throughout a property. Cutting any kind of hole into the ceiling will breach its plasterboard barrier and will naturally provide a route through which fire can spread easily.

You can be assured that fire-rated LED downlights will give you 90 minutes’ protection against fire, as they are independently tested to conform to all relevant British Safety (BS) standards.

Unlike most other ceiling downlights, LED fire-rated downlights are specifically designed to inhibit the spread of fire. These downlights are fitted with an intumescent pad, which swells and expands in size once it reaches a certain temperature. This actively prevents the spread of fire through ceilings.

Acoustic-compliant downlights

Fire-rated downlights also comply with acoustic standards (specifically Part E). This means that they also prevent sound from travelling through the hole created by a recessed downlight, making them ideal for ceiling fittings in residential flats or office blocks.

And of course, by using LED lighting, you’ll be running your ceiling lights at much lower wattages and temperatures than traditional halogen bulbs or lights, significantly reducing your fire risk. Traditional halogen lights turn most of the energy they use into heat, whereas LED lights convert 90% of the power they use into light, with very little heat emissions. So not only will you save on energy costs with LED fire-rated downlights, you’ll be cutting down on your carbon emissions as well as significantly reducing your fire risk.

For areas like bathrooms or showers, you’ll want to install IP65-rated downlights, which are tightly sealed against water or jet sprays.


IP65-rated downlights are designed for bathrooms, showers and other wet or humid areas

Décor and style options

By opting for safety with LED fire-rated downlights, you don’t have to compromise on style. The beauty of LED downlights is that they fit seamlessly into traditional character properties and modern contemporary homes alike as they’re available in a massive range of styles to suit every taste.

Here at Simple Lighting, we stock tilt, fixed, twist and lock and die-cast downlights (including GU10 versions), enabling you to achieve tailored, angled and adjustable lighting effects for every taste of décor and every size of ceiling.

You can also choose from an ever-expanding range of colours to fit in with your existing colour schemes, including white (ideal for bathrooms and shower spaces), pressed and stainless steel, and a range of chrome finishes, including polished, satin and brushed chrome. Recent additions to our range include brass downlights, which are perfect if you want to accentuate your ceiling space to match gold-colour décor in your home.

If you want to create angled, directional and adjustable lighting effects, you can also opt for tilt and dimmable downlights in combination with our range of dimmer switches. These adjustable downlights are ideal for accent lighting to highlight certain features of your rooms, like shelving or alcoves.


Adjustable downlights can be used to highlight home features like shelving or alcoves

Browse our range of low-cost, energy-efficient fire-rated downlights and enjoy peace of mind with beautiful, bespoke lighting effects!

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