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Transform your kitchen with LED lighting

Advertisements often show pristine, dream kitchens, leaving us wishing we could boast such a perfect space within our own homes. You may never accomplish this immaculate, retouched look in real life but there are some simple, affordable steps that can be taken to give your cooking space more of a wow factor, using LED lighting.

Shadows are naturally cast by hardware within a kitchen, leaving certain areas dim and unsightly. This problem can be easily fixed by using a number of lighting solutions, specifically designed for installation under cabinets/plinths. Below, you will find just a few of these solutions, explained.

Under Cabinet Lights

Under cabinet lights help to create ambience by providing focussed areas of lighting along your work surface. They can be either surface mounted or recessed mounted.
Low voltage lights use 12-24v usually and require a transformer as a result. Mains voltage lights can be wired directly to the mains.

Steps to install low voltage lights:

  • Mount lights individually, using a cut out hole for recessed or screw for surface mounted
  • Wire transformer to mains
  • Individually plug each light into its designated transformer

Steps to install mains voltage lights:

  • Mount lights individually, using a cut out hole for recessed or screw for surface mounted
  • Individually wire each light to the mains


LED Light Strips

LED light strips are a modern alternative to under cabinet/plinth lighting. Using a thin, strip of lighting, you can complete your work surface or plinth with a strong continuous glow, leaving no shadows. Our LED light strips have a strong adhesive backing, making installation hassle free. If you would prefer a more substantial cosmetic appearance, you can also install the tape in an aluminium profile.
There is a variety of LED tape available on the market, ranging from single colour to colour changing. You can also make use of optional remote controls to dim/control the colour of LED tape, which allows you to tailor the effect to your needs. For kitchen lighting we would recommend using IP65 waterproof tape that is splash proof, dust proof and easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Steps to install:

  • Measure the length of the surface you need to stick LED light strip to
  • Call our sales team with your lengths and they will create a bespoke order, cut and soldered in house, answering any questions you may have along the way
  • Receive your bespoke items, ready to install
  • Wire transformer to mains
  • (Optional) If using a remote control system, add receiver to circuit, between transformer and tape
  •  Connect input lead of tape to transformer using plug and play connection

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Plinth Lights

Individual plinth lights can be used to highlight kick boards and add a touch of class to your kitchen. This type of fitting is usually small in size and low in wattage, used for effect only. Plinth lighting can be purchased in single colour or colour changing kits. If you’re using one of our kits, it will include a transformer which simply plugs into a 3 pin socket. Each connection is plug and play from there on – a simple to install, affordable luxury.

Steps to install:

  • Drill cut out hole within your plinth
  • Push plinth lights into cut outs
  • Plug transformer in to 3 pin plug
  • Use plug and play connections to connect individual lights

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These are just a few ideas for additional illumination of your kitchen work surfaces and floor areas. The only limit to how you can use different lighting solutions to create a beautiful lighting effect in your kitchen is your own imagination. The systems used can create a wonderfully bespoke lighting solution in your kitchen which are easily accessible, easy to install and perhaps most importantly, affordable. Get in touch today to discuss your ideas and see how we can help.

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