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Water Resistant LED Tape is Amazing!

Water Resistant LED Tape is AMAZING!

LED tape is one of our favourite products. Its versatility means it can be added to just about anything, with the only limits being the extent of your own imagination! And now, with water resistant versions, you can use it in even more places.

What started off as a way to add lighting effects to rooms, cabinets and appliances has been creatively used in art installations and even items of clothing to add the ‘wow’ factor.

Thanks to evolving technology, LED Tape is now cheaper than ever before. But this incredibly flexible product can be used in more places than you think.

LED tape is creative and versatile

LED tape comes in many colours

Create Colour Effects with LED Tape

You can find LED tape in a range of single colours, including cool white, natural white, warm white, amber, blue, green and red. Or if you want more creative lighting effects, RGB colour changing LED tape emits stunning rich colours. You can choose from the full RGB spectrum with an LED controller, allowing to you to choose beautiful colour changing sequences, speed up or slow down the sequences, or just simply dim the brightness of your lights.

Colour changing LEDs can really make an impact in your home, create a different lighting scheme to match your mood, or even your outfit. Equally, the use of RGB LED strip in commercial enterprises can create stunning lighting in places such as bars or restaurants.

More LEDs, More Brightness

You can also choose how bright you want your LED tape to be. LED tape is made with small individual LEDs studded throughout the tape. Most LED tape comes in either 30 LEDs or 60 LEDs per metre. The more LEDs per metre, the more intense the light will be.

The latest product to hit the shelves is LED tape with 120 LEDs per metre for visually stunning light effects. 120 LED tape is perfect for outdoor applications, such as lighting up a gloomy garden feature, or adding visibility to dark water-prone spaces.

Water Resistant LED Tape

Did you know that LED tape can be water resistant too? That means that you can bring lighting effects to places like your bathroom, shower and kitchen.

Water Resistant LED tape can light up your bathroom

LED tape can light up your bathroom

You can highlight individual parts of your bathroom like the sink or mirror, or illuminate the whole room with overhead ambient light. In the kitchen, you can use LED tape to make your kitchen island stand out or show off your kitchen ware in display cabinets.

LED tape can be brought outdoors too. You can use it to add striking effects to your outside spaces like your patio or garden areas. Perhaps you’ve got a water feature like a pond or fountain, or even just some trees or garden ornaments that you’d like to brighten up. You can use LED tape outdoors, because this durable product also comes in a water resistant version, known as IP65 tape.

LED IP Ratings

The IP (Ingress Protection) rating of the tape will indicate which areas it is suitable for.

IP ratings measure how much protection LED tape has from the elements. Each IP rating has 2 numbers, the first number referring to protection against solid objects like dust, and the second number referring to protection from liquid, including water.

LED tape designed to be used near water will carry the IP65 safety rating, which means the tape is protected from low pressure water jets from any direction. IP65 also means that the LED tape is certified for safe use outside and is water-resistant. However, it is not completely waterproof and is not suitable for being submerged under water.

So, when using LED tape near water, be sure that it carries the IP65 rating before you buy.


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