Do you have a small room with a limited power supply, but you need to plug in multiple pieces of equipment? Are you worried that having an extension cable on your kitchen island might cause a serious incident if you accidentally spill something over? Getting tired of seeing all the tangled wires sprawled across your floor? If these issues have been a thorn in your side for a long time, then it’s time to finally pin them down for once! The answer to your needs is a pop up plug socket!

pop up socket on a dark counter top

Pop up Plug Sockets: What is it?

A pop up socket is an electrical outlet that can be hidden away from view when not in use. This socket type is flushed against the surface of your table, counter, floor, or furniture and is designed with a button you press to reveal the outlets. With this device, you can experience the convenience of having an accessible power supply that does not take up any space or ruins your aesthetics.

When it comes to options, you don’t have to worry because pop up plug sockets come in different shapes, sizes, and finishes that can match your conditions. There are also suitable pop up sockets for specific applications!

What are the benefits of having a pop up socket?

Pop up sockets are more than just an outlet where you plug your devices. It offers more benefits that you should not miss out on! What are their advantages?

Creates a Tidy and Organised Space

In the kitchen, where you have to power your many kitchen gadgets, having multiple sockets is a must. However, if you have too many wall sockets across your kitchen wall, it will look too messy. Aside from that, you may end up with cords lying across the space, which can be hazardous.

With pop up plug sockets, you can avoid this situation. You can mount one into your kitchen island or counter and conveniently plug your equipment. No more cords running across from one end of the room to another. Also, after using all your kitchen tech, you can retune them to their respective home and push the pop up socket down for a clean and organised space!

Enables You to Charge Conveniently

There are pop up sockets that come with three regular outlets and two USB ports. Others even have a QI charging technology, giving you more slots to charge other devices! With this, you’ll be able to follow the cooking show of your favourite chef while preparing a delicious meal for your family!

top of a pop up socket

Keeps Your Space Safe

Homes today have side outlets on their wall for powering different appliances. However, it’s proven that hanging cords can be dangerous for your children and pets! Kids may easily trip while running and pull the line of small appliances that can fall on them. On top of that, if you’re cooking and you accidentally spilt milk or any liquid substance, and you have an open extension core lying on top of your counter, it may cause a severe electrical issue!

Having a pop up socket eliminates these risks. Since you have it mounted into a surface, you don’t need to plug your appliances far from where you need to use them and scatter a bunch of loose cords throughout your space (no more tripping). Also, whenever you’re cooking, you can safely tuck away the pop up socket when you don’t need power and prevent it from coming into contact with accidental spillage. Just pop them on when you ought to plug your blender or mixer!


Pop up sockets don’t occupy a massive surface area. You can install them in the corner of your table so you can efficiently utilise your workspace. However, you will need a bit of clearance underneath to ensure that the socket will fit when you push it down.

Nonetheless, pop up sockets are still ten times better than a regular extension outlet because they will not take up much space and create a mess of knotted cables.

hidden pop up socket

Improve the Aesthetic of Your Space

Imagine having multiple wall sockets throughout your home just to make power sources more convenient. It’s not a very pretty sight, especially if you’re using a regular version. Fortunately, pop up sockets have a stylish way of addressing the problem! Some pop up sockets have a silver or black finished top that looks like a coaster when pushed down. With this, your socket is hidden in plain sight and can mix together with your design!

Neat and Socket-Free Backsplash

Hate the way your wall sockets look with your stunning backsplash? Well, pop up sockets are the answer! Instead of destroying your meticulously chosen backsplash with wires here and there, mount a pop up socket at the corner of your kitchen counter! That way, you don’t lose your precious power source but keep your backsplash beautiful, neat, and without any eye-catching sockets!

Now that you know what pop up plug sockets are and how you can benefit from them, it’s time to start shopping! Visit our website, Simple Lighting, for high-quality pop up sockets and an extensive collection of lighting solutions!


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