When buying a house, there are two things on your mind. It will either be a place to retire and grow old or a property that you consider an investment and will eventually sell. Naturally, taking care of a place where you’ll live and enjoy life is normal. However, do you need to take care of a house you’ll eventually let go of? Of course!

An unkempt house will be an eyesore to the community and may cause you to bleed money. You don’t want that property to lose its value because of your neglect in maintenance. So, if you’re going to increase the market value of your property, you’ll need to keep the interior in mint condition and jazz up the exterior with outdoor lighting!

Contrary to what other people claim, outdoor lighting is not a luxury. In fact, there are outdoor lighting fixtures that you can purchase at a reasonable price but can bring tremendous changes to your façade! Plus, many benefits come with installing various outdoor lighting solutions. Here are some!


Benefit #1: Increase Visual Appeal

Typically, homeowners invest in upgrades that elevate their home’s exterior and curb appeal. Some will add a driveway, go all out in landscaping or install water features like ponds and fountains. All these efforts so they can set their property apart from the rest of the neighbourhood!

The best way to showcase these upgrades during the night is by pairing them with outdoor lighting. You can add floor patio lights on your front deck, use flood lights to highlight your landscaping and stake solar garden lights or install LED ground light along your driveway! Lighting can direct the attention of passersby and allow them to absorb the view.


Benefit #2: Enhance the Functionality of the Space

There are many things that you can do with your outdoors. Depending on your budget and lifestyle and the size of the space, you can put a pool, stand-alone deck, patio or gazebo. You can also utilise it for urban farming and gardening. If your family members are sports enthusiasts, add artificial lawn grass to make it into a mini soccer field or badminton court.

The only downside to your outdoor space, especially if it’s not well-lit, is you can only take advantage of it during the day. How can you play sports if you barely see anything? Do you want to swim in the dark?

With outdoor lighting, you don’t need to worry about these things since it’ll allow you to enjoy your outdoors even after the sun goes down. You’ll be able to take nighttime dips in your pool or have dinner parties on your deck/patio!


Benefit #3: Improve Security

Your home is an expensive asset not just because of the structure itself but also the valuables that you house inside. As the owner, safeguarding your prized possessions is a top priority, including you and your family. Security is vital for every property. Without it, it’ll be hard to sleep peacefully at night. Fortunately, you can efficiently address this with outdoor lighting!

It’s already a given that you’ll secure the inside of your home with locks and other security devices. As for outside your home, outdoor lighting is an effective solution to ward off burglars and trespassers. They know that it’s hard to rob a well-lit place. It’ll be harder for them to hide and easier for you to discover their identity.

So, consider adding wall lighting, outdoor ground light, flood light or motion sensor lighting with your CCTV cameras to reinforce your perimeter security.


Benefit #3: Boost Precautionary Measures

It’s better to prepare than be sorry later. We often hear that, but there is indeed value in preparing. When hosting outdoor events in your home, it’s essential to account for every scenario. Remember, the outdoors is more unpredictable than indoors, so you need to take care of the safety of your guests. Outdoor lighting can boost the safety of the space and protect your guest from accidents.

An adequately lit outdoors can prevent tripping, slipping, and missing a step on the stairs. Because there’s ample visibility, your guests will not have a hard time navigating, so there are fewer chances for accidents. In addition, some outdoor fixtures have unique styles you can utilise as decor!


Benefit #4: Raise Property Value

Many people are drawn to invest in real estate because its value increase over time. As long as you maintain it properly, you’ll be able to sell your house at a higher price than what you initially paid.

If you want to swiftly increase the value of your property, adding outdoor lighting is the key. Having outdoor lights can ramp up the worth of your property by 20% because of the distinct feature it gives. Who wouldn’t want a home that looks exquisite and safe to live in?


Choosing Outdoor Lighting

Before reaping the benefits of outdoor lighting, you must put in some time and effort to choose the fixtures you’ll use. The market is filled with various selections, which can make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. So, follow these simple but effective tips to prevent you from wasting your resources!

  • Think of the Location: Where do you plan to use your outdoor lights? Is it your driveway, deck, patio, stairs or external walls? Once you determine where, identifying the fixtures you need will be easier.
  • Consider the Size: Aside from the style and finish, you also need to consider the size of the fixture. If you get something out of proportion, it’ll look insignificant or too much.
  • Identify your Style: Select outdoor lighting that will complement the aesthetic of your interior. It will make your entire property more uniform and put together.
  • Study the Controls: Patterning the controls of your lights with your lifestyle will make it more convenient for you to manage. If your budget allows, try getting a high-tech control panel with various operation modes!

Outdoor lighting is more than just an additional expense on your budget. Yes, you’ll have to spend a bit more, but the benefits you’ll get make it a worthwhile investment. So, if you’re ready to start planning your outdoor lighting system, visit our website, Simple Lighting. We have various lighting solutions, including indoor, outdoor and commercial lighting!


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