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Garden Lighting Ideas and Designs

Garden Lighting Ideas and Designs to inspire your creative side

If you have a garden attached to your house, whether it’s at the front or the back of the property, you will most likely want to make the most of your space and enjoy it both during the day and at night. It doesn’t matter if your outside space is big or small, a carefully designed garden lighting plan can transform your garden and set it apart from the rest.

In this blog post, we’ll look at why you should consider lighting your garden, what the benefits of garden lighting are and what types of lighting are best for your outside space.

Why should you light your garden?

A beautifully lit garden can provide you with a relaxing place to sit out in the evenings, or provide a perfect setting for a garden party.  For those with a smaller garden who are looking to enhance the space available, installing outdoor lighting can help you achieve this.

Alongside this, lighting for gardens is also practical and safe. Not only is it a crime deterrent, but it will also make tasks such as driving your car into your drive and walking safely to your door a lot safer.

Stylish and practical garden lighting

Stylish and practical garden lighting


What types of lighting are available for my garden?

When it comes to outdoor lighting ideas, there are so many different choices available.

Down Under lights are a great addition to any outside space, omitting light downwards and upwards to reduce glare and produce an elegant glow. They can be installed on exterior walls and outside steps to safely light the way for you and your guests.

Floor lights are another way to give your garden a stylish, stand out feature. With floor lights, you can create impressive lighting effects for your home, or even your business. As well as providing you with a fashionable garden accessory, these lights are also really simple to install.

If you’re looking for lighting with a more traditional feel, hanging lanterns are the perfect fit. Available in a wide range of vintage and modern styles, hanging lanterns can be installed across your outside space, giving your garden a soft glow in the evening.

For those with a large drive, bollard lights are a great choice. Perfect for illuminating dark paths or driveways, bollard lights give you a sense of safety while remaining fashionable.

Bollard lights can create appealing effects

Bollard lights can create appealing effects

Ideas for transforming your garden

Choose a focal point

Installing a spotlight as part of your water feature or even in a tree in your garden will provide your guests with a focal point. You can then arrange your other outside furniture around your central feature and enjoy hearing your guests comment on your beautiful garden!

Create a cosy outdoor area

Creating a special outdoor area that includes garden party lights isn’t as hard as it seems. Installing hanging lanterns around your seating area will give the place an intimate feel. You can also look at fitting some pedestal lanterns to give your seating area that extra feeling of warmth.

Light the way for your guests

We all know how unsettling it can be driving down a long path with no obvious lighting. Accidents can happen, and your guests might even end up ruining your lovely garden! Installing bollard lights or even lamp post lights can add a touch of class to your outside space, while helping your guests to stay safe and away from your water feature!

Stunning garden lighting for eye-catching effects

Stunning garden lighting for eye-catching effects

So, as you can see, there are so many reasons to install lights in your garden, whether it’s primarily for safety, or because you want to enhance your space while adding your own design touches. If you’re looking for the best outdoor lighting for your property, please contact our team and we’ll be happy to help with your selection.

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