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DIY Tutorial: LED Tape Butterfly Night Light

Butterfly Night Light: DIY Tutorial with LED Tape

Who wouldn’t love a beautiful, Colourful, Butterfly Night Light?

LED Tape Butterfly Night Light

Skill Level: Easy

Why a Butterfly Night Light? why not?! We’ve said before how versatile our LED Tape is, so we got crafty and made one. First seen on the amazing blog The DIY Village, and using our RGB Colour Changing LED Tape, it’s perfect for a child’s bedroom or playroom.

This project is pretty easy, even for a DIY beginner, so why not follow our step by step guide to make your own beautiful butterfly night light (Or any other design for that matter).

What you’ll need:


5 x Wood/MDF Panels (see Step 1 for dimensions)
Wood Filler
Wood Adhesive
Paint (We used left over emulsion paint, but you could use a craft, wood or acrylic paint)
LED Tape – Product Code: SLGLEDRGB30 (we used 82cm)
LED Driver – Product Code: SLG30W24
LED RGB Remote Control and Receiver – Product Code: SLG3RGB (because we wanted our Butterfly night light to be as colourful as a real butterfly)
Canvas Fabric


Drill with 6mm Drill Bit
Masking Tape
Paint Brushes
Staple Gun and 8mm Staples

You’ll need this to use as a guide for drilling the shape into your wood. You could get creative here and design your own, practically any shape would work, maybe a rocket, a cat, or a giraffe? Alternatively, feel free to download and print our Butterfly Template.

Step 1

Butterfly Night Light - Stage 1LED Tape, Remote Control & Receiver for Butterfly Night Light

Gather your supplies! You will need five pieces of wood or MDF, lots of different types would work well here. We used 12mm MDF for all five sides, but you could use a thinner piece for the front panel to let more light through the holes.

MDF Dimensions:

  • (2) 9 x 8” Panels (Top and Bottom)
  • (3) 8 x 8” Panels (Front and Sides)

You will find that many large DIY supplies stores will happily cut your wood to size for you, which can be handy if you don’t fancy sawing it yourself!

Step 2

Butterfly Night Light - Pattern

Use masking tape to secure your template to the front panel, be sure to centre your design and it is straight.

Step 3

Butterfly Night Light - The Drilling Butterfly Night Light - Taking Shape

Carefully drill each hole in your design, we used a workbench and clamps for this step, but you should be able to drill neatly without these (just make sure you place some scrap wood under your front panel, so you don’t damage the surface beneath).

Step 4

Butterfly Night Light - Holding together

Now, carefully assemble the frame around the front panel and use the wood adhesive to stick them together. This can be a little bit tricky, make sure you hold all the sides in place to get nice straight edges. Once the entire structure is glued together, leave to dry for the recommended time (we left it for 24 hours, and placed a weight on top to help hold the structure in place).

After the glue dried, we also used nails at each join to make the structure as strong as possible (good if you are planning to use it in a child’s room!).

Step 5

Butterfly Night Light - It's a Box!

At this stage we looked over the structure for any gaps in the joins or small cracks, and filled them with wood filler. After this has dried for the recommended time, sand the filled areas and any other rough looking patches.

Step 6

Butterfly Night Light - Primed

Now prime your night light, we used some white emulsion we already had, you could also use primer or acrylic paint. We also used cotton buds to fill the holes so they didn’t get clogged with paint (be careful to not let these dry in place).

Step 7

Butterfly Night Light - Painted

For this step it’s time to get creative! Decorate your butterfly night light any way you like. You could paint patterns or shapes onto the front (or all over), paint the whole thing in your child’s favourite colour, whatever you like!

We went with a purple gradient design, this was easy to achieve by painting the top half in purple, the bottom half in white and then blending the two together by using smaller amounts of paint on the brush. Be careful not to use too much paint at the point the colours meet if you want to use this design.

Step 8

Butterly Night Light - Installing the LED Tape

Next, it’s time to install your RGB Colour Changing LED Tape. This is really simple. As the tape has a self-adhesive backing, so all you need to do is peel the backing off and stick all around the inside of the night light towards the back (make sure you finish the tape so the wiring comes from one of the bottom corners).

Step 9

Butterfly Night Light - Time for the canvas

You now need to trim your canvas fabric down to size, you will need a square slightly larger than the frame of your box. Once you have cut the fabric, fold the edges in on themselves and use masking tape to loosely secure in place.

Step 10

Butterfly Night Light - The last part - Exciting

Use the staple gun to secure the canvas to the back of the night light. Canvas is the best material for this job, as it diffuses the LED light to create a beautiful ambient glow around the box.

And you’re done! Draw the curtains, switch off the ceiling lights and enjoy your handiwork. The LED remote control allows you to change between static colours, select 15 different colour changing sequences and dim the brightness of your new night light.

Butterfly Night Light - Amazing - The Finished Product!

We love this DIY project, and think you’ll be seriously pleased with the results if you give it a go.

What pattern would you like to try on your night light? Got an idea for the painted design? Be sure to share your pictures with us if you do decide to get crafting, we’d love to see them.




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