LED strip lights are widely popular among home and business owners because of their versatility and convenience. While this lighting solution is guaranteed to last a long time, you can still improve its lifespan by keeping it well-maintained and ensuring proper installation!

Tips for Installation to Ensure Longevity

Did you know that how you mount your lights can affect the duration they stay with you? So, what do you need to do to avoid reducing the lifespan of your LED strip lights?

Proper Surface Preparation

LED strip lights have an adhesive backing. Most of the time, you stick it to the surface where you want them. What will happen if the wall is oily or if the cabinet is dusty? Naturally, the tape light will not adhere securely!

Clean the surface thoroughly with soap and water and wipe it with a clean, dry fabric. Also, if the finish is bumpy, try to smooth it out.

Correct Positioning

Again, most strip lights are held together by an adhesive, not screws and brackets. So, unless you’re using an LED profile to keep it secure, it’s best, as much as possible, to keep it away from areas with high heat and moisture, particularly those with a low IP rating.

Can you mount water-resistant strip lights in the bathroom? IP65-rated LED strip lights are suitable for mounting inside the shower area. However, not all strip lights are the same. So, you must review the product description or consult the manufacturer to ensure that the one you’re about to purchase can withstand such conditions.

Adequate Power Supply

Using the incorrect power supply can damage your LED strip light. How can you get it wrong? If the LED strip light you’re connecting has a higher total wattage than the maximum load capacity of the power supply, it can damage not just the strip but also the driver.
When buying a power supply, ensure that the output voltage is the same and the maximum load capacity is the same or higher than the total wattage of the strips.

Aqua LED Tape in an Outdoor Deck

Regular Cleaning and Dusting

After ensuring the highest-quality installation, it’s time to take care of your lights. LED strips are low-maintenance by nature, so you don’t have to clean them daily. However, it does not mean you will let dust and dirt accumulate!

No matter how low-maintenance your strip lights are, they still need regular cleaning and dusting. Here are a few guidelines that you should remember!

  • Be gentle. Only use a soft cloth and a mild cleaning solution.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals. They can damage the strips and the adhesive.
  • Clean your strip lights occasionally. Indoor LED strips can be cleaned occasionally and can make do with simple dusting so dust and dirt do not block the light. Outdoor strip lights need more than dusting because mud and other outdoor elements are more challenging to remove.

Handling and Protection Tips

Another aspect to watch out for is handling your strip lights and ensuring they are protected. Here are some tips that you can do!

  • Avoid excessively bending the strip light. While LED strips are flexible, there’s an extent to their flexibility. Some strips can curve around the corners, while others cannot. Always check the description of the model to ensure you’re getting the right one for your application.
  • Protect strip lights in high-traffic areas and those installed outdoors. You can put them inside an LED profile to prevent dust, dirt, and curious fingers from reaching them.

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Maintenance is a vital step in ensuring longevity for an LED strip light. Remember to check on it, clean it occasionally, and dust off any dirt build-up. Also, guarantee that it is installed properly, secured, and well-protected!

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