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5 Ways LED Lighting Will Boost Employee Productivity

The lunchtime slump. It happens in offices around the world. In the middle of the afternoon workers report feeling sleepy, less productive and all round grumpier.

There are plenty of suggestions for improving morale and employee productivity in the workplace. From rewarding good work with bonuses and incentives, to promoting good working relationships with team building exercises. But, have you ever considered that the lighting in your office or workspace is affecting the productivity of your employees?

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Is it hometime yet?

One of the benefits of choosing LED lighting (aside from the mammoth savings!) is that there is much more choice when it comes to colour temperature. Colour temperature is measured in kelvins. A low kelvin rating indicates a warmer, yellow light, such as the glow from a cosy fire, which rates about 2,000k. A high kelvin rating would be attributed to cooler, ‘blue’ lights. A bright sunny day would would measure around 5,000-5,500k and an overcast winter’s day would be around 7,000k. Higher colour temperatures are associated with higher amounts of the ‘blue spectrum’ light, which is closer to natural daylight.

The colour temperature of the lamps you use is probably the most important factor to consider when improving the office environment. We’ll tell you what products are best for boosting productivity in the workplace later on, but first, let’s look at the major benefits:

1. Improved health and wellbeing

Studies have shown that when working in an environment that uses higher colour temperature lamps, employees are happier, and less likely to suffer from depression.

This is due to the increased exposure to ‘blue spectrum’ light, the element of natural sunlight that increases the happiness hormone serotonin. Happy days!

2. Less fatigue and daytime sleepiness

The same blue light lowers melatonin, the hormone that puts us to sleep. With lower levels of melatonin, employees report feeling more awake and alert. Basically like the light version of a large cup of coffee!

3. Reduced headaches and eye strain

As well as the emotional benefits of blue light, your employees will also experience less of the problems associated with old fluorescent office lamps, such as headaches and eye strain.

Keeping workers healthy and happy naturally increases their productivity.

4. Improved Sleep

Studies have also shown that the increased exposure to blue spectrum light allows the body to experience more ‘daylight’ and therefore improve our internal body clock and natural sleep patterns.

A good night’s sleep makes for much happier employees in the morning.

5. Increased Employee Productivity

Basically, with all the improvements to your employees’ emotional and physical wellbeing, your workforce will naturally become more productive. The fluorescent tubes of the past are usually too bright or too dim, causing discomfort to workers, who complain of drowsiness, eye strain and that they struggle to focus. Errors are more common in the second half of the day as employees drift into the mid-afternoon slump.

Making your employees more comfortable at work is one of the most efficient, and easiest ways to boost productivity in your workplace.

So, how do you get all these fab benefits in your workplace? Just remember that the higher the kelvins, the more beneficial your lamps will be. Studies involving a call centre in Cheshire monitored the improved productivity of employees using lamps with a 17,000k rating, but improvements in drowsiness and fatigue are seen when kelvins are increased to the ‘cool white’ or ‘daylight’ rating of LED which is a kelvin rating above 4,600.

We stock lots of great commercial lighting options here at Simple Lighting, and in particular rate our range of LED tubes which boast up to 6,500k and our LED panels, which are perfect for lighting offices and boast a cool white kelvin rating of between 6,000-6,500.

5 Ways LED Lighting Will Boost Employee Productivity

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So improved lighting means boosting your employees’ productivity, and ultimately is better for you business.

Has your business recently made the switch? How do your employees feel about it? Or are you interested in switching your office to LED? Call us today for expert advice on 0333 443 2465.

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