Downlights are a stylish form of recessed lighting that provides a wonderful way to set up some ambience and add a modern touch to your home. Not only do downlights create the ideal atmosphere for relaxation, but they sit flush with the ceiling and give the room a very clean look as well.

If you’re eager to take part in the downlight trend but aren’t sure how to get started, then check out these smart tips on how to select and install downlights to get yourself started!

Determine the ideal location for your downlights.

Location is everything when it comes to lighting, so the first step in setting up downlights in your home will be to choose the best possible placement.

Downlights create a gentle, ambient glow that’s perfect for softening the feel of bedroom and lounge areas, or for giving a welcoming touch to your kitchen. Ideally, they should be used to gently accent key points in a room, such as nightstands or frequently used appliances.

However, style and mood aren’t the only things to consider. Safety is a huge factor as well, and you’ll want to make sure that any areas where you hope to install downlights are free of pipes, wiring, and structural support beams.

how to install downlights

Install your downlights safely and carefully.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal spot for your downlights, then turn all power to the area off at the breaker to avoid getting shocked. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and securely screw in the recessed electrical box and light plate.

Connect the fixture and power wires as directed, splicing them together and insulating them thoroughly with wire caps. Ensure that there are absolutely no exposed pieces of wiring that could spark an electrical fire. Finally, snap or screw the surface-mounted light into the recessed light plate.

While it might seem tedious, it’s advisable to switch the power back on and check each installation individually before moving on to the next. If you’ve installed a downlight incorrectly, you’ll want to know right away so that you can fix any hazardous problems immediately. Just make sure you remember to turn it back off before installing the next downlight!

Some Added Tips:

Opt for fire rated downlights.

Most people who have considered installing downlighting in their home have heard this recommendation while shopping around and wondered: “What are fire rated downlights?” To put it simply, downlights that come with a fire rating decrease the risk of fires spreading to other rooms through the walls and ceiling.

Remember that when you install a downlight, you have to cut a hole through the ceiling in order to recess the fixture. This compromises the fire barrier, increasing the likelihood of fire spreading to other areas of your home. However, fire-rated downlight fixtures utilize a special pad that will expand above certain temperatures and restore the barrier.

Use a gu10 downlight fitting

For increased energy efficiency, leading to smaller power bills and more eco-friendly home, upgrade your downlight fixtures with gu10 downlight fittings. Gu10’s give you LED lighting and all the benefits that usually come with it, such as less heat output, brighter light, and varying colour temperatures. LED downlights will also use significantly less power than halogen bulbs do.

The fun part of installing downlights with a gu10 LED fitting is that you can play around with light warmth to see how different colours impact the feel of the room. Keep in mind that, as a general rule, warmer tones should be used in areas meant for relaxation while colder or “daylight” lighting belongs in places where you want to stay more alert.

downlights installation

Amp up your style with the right finish.

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of selecting the right downlight fixtures for you is choosing the finish! The finish refers to the outer ring of the downlight fixture, which you’ll see regardless of whether the light is turned on or not.

When making this selection, consider the existing colours of your room and whether you want your downlight’s finish to blend into the background or make a statement.

If you want your downlights to make a bold statement in and of themselves, then brushed or polished chrome downlights might be for you. If you’d rather they go largely unnoticed when turned off, then white might be a better choice.

To Recap:

Downlights are a great way to give your home a modern edge and deliver unparalleled mood lighting while taking up far less space than other types of fixtures do. When shopping around for your ideal downlights, consider details like fire ratings, gu10 LED fittings, and what type of finish and light warmth you prefer.

When you install your downlights, prioritize safety while you pick your location and check for dangerous obstacles like wiring and pipes. Always make sure the power is shut off at the breaker before you get started. Always refer to the manufacturer’s installation guide, and make sure you don’t leave any exposed wiring behind!


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