Have you seen the lighting trend where they add strip lights behind a wall-mounted TV? While it elevates the visual appeal of the space, did you know there are other benefits this lighting style brings?

It’s not a secret that LED strip lights are a versatile lighting solution that improves the ambience of a room. So, if you surround your TV with it, the atmosphere of that area changes, making it extra relaxing and suitable for watching!

Understanding TV Wall Lighting

Do you love spending time watching movies and bingeing series? If so, why not consider improving the space to make the viewing experience more immersive? While investing in a surround sound system and 4K HD TV is the best way to plunge into the show you are watching, improving your immediate environment can also make a remarkable difference.

Using LED strip lights is the easiest way to boost the ambience of your space and upgrade your home theatre set-up. Even with just a TV, adding strip lights behind it can make the room look a hundred times better! Also, if you love watching in the dark, the LED strip lights can reduce eye strain caused by the sharp disparity between the room’s darkness and the TV’s brightness.

Placement and colour temperature are critical factors that you must consider in lighting. If you don’t plan this carefully, your lights may create the opposite effect instead of providing comfort to your eyes and creating a pleasant environment. Cool white light may not be the ideal colour temperature if you want to have a cosy atmosphere. Also, avoid mounting your strip lights in areas that may cause glare or wash out the pictures on the TV screen.

Bedroom TV with purple strip lights

LED Strip Lights: The Perfect Companion for TV Lighting

With all the available lighting solutions, which is perfect for TV lighting? Well, one lighting solution will come to mind – LED strip lights! Because of their versatility, variety, ease of installation and durability, strip lights are ideal for TV lighting!

LED strips come in various colours, sizes and mounting options, allowing you to choose which suits your aesthetics. If you want, RGB or RGB + W strip lights can give you access to not just one or two colours but millions!

Besides that, you can set the colour of your TV lighting to match the dominant colour of the film to make you feel as if you are inside with the characters, experiencing the same environment!

Bias Lighting Benefits

Bias lighting is an added light source mounted behind a viewing surface. It is an external source of illumination placed at the rear of the display you’re utilising. In simpler terms, external backlighting.

Watching in a dark environment forces your eyes to work extra hard whenever you look between your surroundings and the screen. Bias lighting ensures that your eyes will have a source of illumination within the room without overshadowing the television. In fact, it can even enhance the image quality of the digital display in a dark environment. So, not only can you keep your eyes more comfortable and healthier, but your cinematic experience will also level up!

Adjusting Ambience with Colour Options

Typically, the living room is not only meant for watching TV. You also host, socialise, and utilise that space for different occasions. While there’s nothing wrong with a single-coloured strip light, a colour-changing one will give the room more diversity!

Different colours can influence your mood and environment. It can make it more intense, extra scary, or super comfortable. Warm tones can stage a cosy atmosphere, while vibrant shades induce a dynamic ambience. You can also switch the colours to match the genre of the movie or series you’re currently enjoying!

Energy Efficiency and Longevity

If your wall TV lighting consumes a lot of energy, you’ll think twice about using it, defeating its purpose. With LED strip lights, you don’t have to worry about that! Because they’re powered with LED technology, LED strip lights are energy-efficient. Since they can convert most of the energy they consume into light, they only require a minimal amount to produce outstanding illumination!

In addition, LED strip lights have an extended average lifespan because they don’t have any working parts that burn out easily! So, in the long run, you’ll see that this LED strip light will not add a significant portion to your electricity bill, and maintenance won’t be an issue since you don’t have to replace them often!

LED strip light banner


While TV wall lighting enhances the space’s ambience and visuals, it also takes care of your eyes while boosting your cinematic experience! So, if you want to try this trend, visit our website, Simple Lighting and browse through our extensive collection of LED strip lights and other indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions!


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