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Kitchen LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights In Your Kitchen

15th March 2016 Comments Off on 5 Benefits of LED Cabinet Lights For Your Kitchen Views: 2295 Help & Advice, Inspiration, Kitchen Ideas, Simple Lighting Blog

5 Benefits of LED Cabinet Lights For Your Kitchen

LED cabinet lights offer a perfect solution for your kitchen cabinet project. They brighten up a dingy workspace or create ambiance when you remodel. Light-emitting diode (LED) technology is one of the fastest growing for many good reasons. Here are five to consider when you want to improve your kitchen.

LED Cabinet Lights are –


The cost of LED fixtures plummeted in recent years and they now rival or surpass fluorescent or incandescent fixtures. However, they offer more benefits including energy efficiency, longevity, superior quality light and compact styling.

Energy Efficient

LED bulbs convert energy into light very efficiently. They are almost 10 times more efficient than traditional incandescent filament bulbs. Consequently, you can use 6W LED cabinet lights instead of 60W incandescents which results in as much as a 75% energy saving.


LED bulbs also last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. High quality LED bulbs may offer as much as 50,000 hours of use. Compare that with an incandescent bulb with a lifespan of 1,200 hours. Even compact fluorescent bulbs can’t match LED bulbs. Their lifespan is only around 8,000 hours.

Superior Light Quality

Many recessed or task lights use reflectors or diffusers, so much of the light from the bulb reflects away from the intended surface. LED cabinet lights direct all the light where you want it and do not use reflectors or diffusers. However, this doesn’t mean they create glare. They create less than traditional bulbs and are the preferred choice above high-end granite or marble surfaces where aesthetics are of upmost importance.

LED bulbs don’t cast heavy shadows either, so this makes them ideal for areas where you need to be able to read a recipe or see the food you’re preparing. You won’t be working under hot lights either, because LED bulbs emit very little heat. They also switch on immediately, unlike fluorescents which can flicker, buzz or pop. LEDs offer instant, clean, even light.

LED fixtures are a decorator’s favourite too, because they are an inexpensive way to create ambiance. Many coloured bulbs exist and each has a distinct feel. If you want to warm up a cool, modern kitchen, choose warm white bulbs. If you want to create a serene, subtle feel, try blue bulbs.

Ideal for Tight Spaces

LED fixtures are considerably smaller than incandescent or fluorescent fixtures, making them simple to position in odd-shaped cabinets, without losing light. Just because they’re small, it doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful. An LED bulb can offer as much as a hundred watt incandescent bulb, if you need it.

Why choose old, inefficient technology when you can have what today offers? Choose unobtrusive, attractive LED fixtures, instead of worrying about how you can hide a massive, unattractive, inefficient fixture. You can view a range of cabinet lighting here for inspiration.

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