Do you love hanging out in your backyard and are disappointed that you cannot enjoy it that much in the evening? Are you looking for a lighting solution to illuminate a massive space? If you said yes to either one of the questions, the answer to your problem is an LED flood light!

LED flood lights are an outdoor lighting solution suitable for lighting any open space. They are crafted to produce a direct and intense beam angle to spotlight specific but vast areas. Depending on the lumens count you get, you’ll be able to recreate the level of illumination you experience during midday! The explosive luminance of LED floodlights might get you thinking of the electricity bill you must pay for every use. Well, good news! If you get an LED flood light, not a traditional one, you don’t have to worry about that!

Compared to traditional flood lights, an LED version is more energy-efficient, long-lasting, cost-effective, and eco-friendly!

Energy Efficiency of LED Flood Lights

An LED flood light is able to convert 95% of the power it consumes into light, and only 5% goes to waste. Alternatively, traditional lighting is the opposite. So, what does that mean? Since most of the power an LED flood light consumes is converted into light, it does not need much but can still produce outstanding brilliance. On the other hand, traditional lighting will rely on power to make brightness, needing more to catch up with the same illumination produced by an LED flood light.

With the low energy consumption of LED flood lights, your carbon footprint drops. Also, since you require less energy, the demand for power plants gets reduced. As a result, this reduction helps in lowering greenhouse gas emissions. LED flood lights will lower the electricity you use by about 90%. Just imagine how much more you can save using LEDs throughout your home, not just outdoors!

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Cost Savings of LED Flood Lights

LED flood lights appear more expensive on the initial purchase compared to other traditional lighting options. They are indeed an investment, and they don’t come in cheap. If you find an LED flood light that’s surprisingly affordable, don’t be surprised if the quality is not remarkable.

At first, yes, LED flood lights are more expensive than traditional lighting. However, over time, you’ll see the return on your investment and the additional gains you can earn by switching to this lighting solution. Since LED flood lights have a low wattage requirement, your electricity will not skyrocket, and you can use the fitting comfortably.

In addition, LED flood lights last twenty-five times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb; therefore, you don’t have to keep purchasing replacements! So, you’ll earn savings from your reduced electricity bill and maintenance expenses when you switch to an LED flood light.

Improved Lighting Quality of LED Flood Lights

An LED flood light has a higher colour rendering index, that’s why you can see the details of your surroundings better. You’ll notice that your backyard looks lusher than when you have a traditional fixture.

Because of the improved lighting quality of an LED flood light, you’ll also have a better security system in place. You’ll be able to see clearer at night and spot any intruders that may approach your front door. Also, if you have security cameras, the images captured will be better thanks to an LED flood light’s illumination!

There are many LED flood lights that you can find. Some have a higher lumens output, and others have built-in sensors. What’s great about this lighting solution is the different customisations you can do to fit your requirements!

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Durability and Longevity of LED Flood Lights

As mentioned earlier, LED flood lights can outlast a traditional lighting option. It can live about twenty-five times longer than a non-LED alternative. Aside from that, LED flood lights are constructed from top-quality hardwearing materials, guaranteeing they can survive against various outdoor elements.

Say your LED flood light has already lived longer than expected. For the replacement, you should consider getting a newer model with updated features to ensure you get the best efficiency rate.

Environmental Benefits of LED Flood Lights

LED flood lights are not only beneficial for you, but they are also good for the environment. They don’t contain harmful chemicals like mercury and are recyclable. You can gather your old LED flood lights and other LED lighting solutions and bring them to facilities that recycle them so they can use them in case you don’t have any particular project in mind.

Because of the reduced energy consumption made possible by an LED flood light, energy needs also decrease. As a result, the demand for power plants and greenhouse gas emissions decrease. If you use LED flood lights in your home, office, building or any establishment, you can contribute to the sustainable efforts made by different groups, organisations, and governments.


Using LED flood lights will flood you with benefits that traditional lighting cannot provide. It’s energy-efficient, cost-effective, long-lasting and eco-friendly. So, if you also want a piece of these tremendous advantages, visit our website Simple Lighting and shop through our extensive range of LED flood lights and other exquisite lighting solutions!


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