Although your home is usually a place of rest, leisure and rejuvenation, you cannot dismiss the fact that there are times when you need to work and do some chores. Because of that, a simple lighting setup may not be enough, especially if you need ample illumination to see very fine details. So, for your home to adapt to the changes, it needs to be equipped with the proper gear!

Working in a dark environment is never beneficial, and it will hinder you from performing your tasks efficiently. That is why you need task lighting to make your space more functional and proficient! Task lighting brightens the things that you need to do, giving you a comfortable environment to perform adequately. Even if you have bright general lighting, it still cannot compare to the brilliance that a task light can give!

What is task lighting?

Task lights are a type of lighting used for a specific area in a room and helps accomplish a task efficiently. They are the opposite of ambient lights, which is used to brighten a general space. Task lighting is primarily helpful if you need to see minute objects/details or things that have low contrast.

At home, task lighting is essential when doing specific activities like homework, reading, cooking, or getting ready. Aside from the increased functionality and improvement of mobility, task lights can also enhance the visual aesthetic of your space. Stylish desk lamps and classy ceiling spotlights are the best way to mix style and function!

white desk with white desk lamp and white chair

What are the task lights that you need in your home?

If you’re wondering whether or not you need task lighting in your bedroom and in the living room, yes, you do! Although it’s a place of rest and bright lights will interrupt your sleep and may distract you from watching TV, you still need them for when you suddenly want to finish up some work, or you plan to read until you feel sleepy!

Every room in your home should have at least one source of task lighting. So, if you don’t know what to get and the bare minimum you need, here’s a simple guide to help you light your space correctly and help you work effectively!

Living Room

When you plant yourself on the sofa to finish a good book, a nearby table or floor lamp will aid you in making your leisure time more fun and relaxing! The living room is a shared space where you do a variety of tasks and activities. Because of this, you need a flexible lighting scheme that can keep up whenever you want to watch and chill or when you want to play board games with your family. So, aside from your floor and table lamps, you can also get a pendant light over your coffee table for more focused illumination.

mother reading a book to a son


The bedroom is considered the sanctuary where you can flop on top of your bed and cuddle a cosy duvet! That’s why many think that it’s no use to add a task light in a place where you sleep. However, since the bedroom’s function has transformed from a sleeping quarter to a multi-function space, you will have to rethink your lighting approach. If you’re someone who writes a journal at night or likes to read before going to bed, you can add wall sconces beside your bed or a night lamp on top of your bedside table. You don’t need to go all out with the brightness because it’s still the place where you sleep, not the office where you work!


Everyone knows that the kitchen is one of the busiest places in the home. So, to ensure that you work flawlessly, you’ll need several task lights to optimise your space. A pendant lamp or a ceiling spotlight for the kitchen island can help you see clearly when you decorate your cupcakes and when you plate your meals. In addition, under cabinet lights or strip lights are perfect for your countertops, so you’ll have a clear view when you season your meats and chop your vegetables. Unlike the first two rooms, the kitchen needs many sources of task lighting since one misstep can cause a big accident!

kitchen island with four brown chairs and three black pendant lights


While a single overhead light is the usual lighting solution in the bathroom, you need to add task lights to effectively use the space to its full potential! If you have a vanity, you can add small pendant lamps or use an LED bathroom mirror, so you have bright lights every time you need to shave, do your make up or brush your teeth. Just don’t forget, when adding lights to the bathroom, go for a higher IP rating!

What are the benefits of installing task lights?

Task lighting plays a vital role for everyone. Unfortunately, many neglect the need for it in their lives. If you’re doubting the significance of task lights, you’ll be surprised to find out all the incredible benefits you can get if you have them!

Many kinds of research have proven the relationship between lighting conditions and productivity. Poor lighting can lead to eye strain which can lead to decreased efficiency. By nature, everyone needs to be comfortable in order to maintain productivity in a day. If you take out comfort in the equation, all the other distractions will overpower your concentration and energy! Seeing should not be a chore. It should be easy and automatic! So, to increase efficiency, a person needs to perceive everything effortlessly and to do that, you’ll need task lighting!

There you have it! Now that you know what task lights are and their importance in your lives, it’s time to incorporate them into your home. So, if you’re looking for premium-quality LED task lights, you can check our extensive collection on our website, Simple Lighting!


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