If you’re in a situation where you have a kitchen island installed in your household or want to renovate your kitchen to cater for this desire – you may realise that this is the most crucial indoor lighting aesthetic of your whole home.

Whether you’re working from home, preparing meals regularly or even eating at the table with your family, friends, clients, etc – the kitchen island overall height and lighting options are extremely vital.

The whole aesthetic of your kitchen island dining table needs to be in line and in tune with the rest of your home’s interior design. However, you may not know where to start and how to style it based on your kitchen’s structure.

We’ve got you covered. If you carry on reading, we will go into more detail about the styling tips that are necessary for you to take!


What is the Best Lighting Type For Your Kitchen Island?

There is an extremely extensive range of options for lighting you can choose such as ceiling recessed lighting, surface lighting, cabinet lighting and many more which do a great job.

However, there is another form of lighting fixture that will illuminate your light kitchen island to a whole new level above all.

What is this perfect, anonymous source of lighting that will complement the breakfast bar or kitchen island’s overall height, yet offer such a luxurious aesthetic?

Well… putting it quite simply, over-the-island pendant lights are the most fitting in a plethora of different kitchen designs amongst all lighting ideas.

These pendant lights, no matter the design will always add an embellishing touch to your room – from the ground to the ceiling – whilst being highly productive for all of your everyday tasks.

However, if you want to dim the mood for your evening meal, it may be worth investing in LED pendant lighting from a pendant light shop that can be changed (depending on the ambience).

Rather than having the lights recessed and out of the way of your room’s overall look – having them dangling as ceiling lights offers a decorative effect for viewers and visitors when coming into your home.

In essence, these light sources are there to be shown off and ‘steal the show’ so to speak. Consequently, you shouldn’t be afraid of adding an extra touch of class to your kitchen island.


Top Tips for Over the Island Pendant Lights

If you’re blessed with a kitchen island in your household or are in the market to get one installed inside your property – you may be confused about how to make it look as stylish as possible.

Well, fortunately, we are here to present some designs and lighting ideas that we have seen arise over the past few years.

Choosing the idea that is right for the vibe of your kitchen is important, but also making sure it aligns and matches with the colours too, is crucial.

Whether you want to express an extremely bold look to your kitchen or you just want classy, subtle looks… the choice is yours. Here are some of the ideas that have been most favoured across households in recent times:


Glass Pendant Lighting

For kitchen island pendant lighting, glass ceiling pendant lights are a hugely sought-after form of lighting that has taken this aesthetic by storm. Not only will it add a deluxe feel to your room – but these glass pendant lights can be extremely versatile.

For example, you can choose from dome pendant lights, bowl pendant lights, glass globe pendant lights and many more. The current design of your kitchen will ultimately decide what choice should be made.

Having stunning combinations between your windows and lights as an example, or investing in a silver-coloured glass pendant light to match your antique silver gallery, cutlery, etc will be a great fitting.

Whether it is a hand-blown glass pendant light, bowl pendant light or any of the other options, they will all come in different colours. So, no matter the design of your kitchen – you won’t be stumped.

Moreover, if you choose a lantern-style glass pendant light, this combination in a row of three or four over your kitchen island will not only look like a classic design but will have a modern feel to it too. This way, you’re getting the best of both worlds!


Industrial Pendant Lighting

Other than a quite subtle, transparent look with the previous design idea, if you’re looking for a more standout style of lighting that will add a dramatic and lustrous ambience to your kitchen island – then industrial pendant lighting is an excellent alternative.

If the goal is to have long-lasting, strong lighting, yet a simple set-up that will make a bold statement – this design is for you! Although they may look retro, adding certain features such as bowl pendants – will offer a more modernised feel to the renovation.

An example that could be a possibility is investing in these industrial pendant lights that are within metal cages – as the silver will match nicely against the grey metal exterior of your kitchen.

Or, if you want to go for a more unique style, you may look at investing in lantern-shaped industrial pendant lighting.

Upon entrance to your kitchen, this will be certain to create a lasting effect on your visitor. The classic, distinctive look will be like something they’ve never seen before in another household!


Brass Pendant Lighting

In a completely opposing fashion to the rest of the lighting options so far, brass pendant lighting offers a glamorous, buttery lighting system above your kitchen island table. These authentic and stylish lights will offer an elegant gaze to your kitchen.

However, they can differ in styles as one can be eccentric, but another may embody simplicity at its finest. Therefore, it is all down to you as the owner to decide what model will compliment and costume your kitchen in the approach you’re looking for.

Whether you want oversized brass pendant lights (fewer lights in the row) or smaller brass pendant lights (more lights in the row) you have the possibility to do as you wish.

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