With global warming surging and many more environmental disasters taking place recently – it is important to know how to act accordingly to help the situation.

Ensuring that you keep up with the act of recycling and correct disposal is paramount in today’s world for a successful future. Although LED bulbs will last the longest in duration, they will eventually have to be replaced.

If you have no previous experience with how to dispose of these lights, you may be stumped on how to get rid of each bulb effectively. Read along to learn more about the active solutions to make disposal as easy as possible.


What Are LED Light Bulbs?

With the traditional forms of lighting still being extremely favoured among the public, you may still not have heard of LED bulbs and how effective they can be.

Types such as LED strip lights, LED spotlights, LED neon lights and many more are a few examples of LED light bulbs that are becoming popular in some households as a replacement for conventional lighting.

In terms of what LED light bulbs are, they are completely opposed to any other form of lighting. LED stands for light-emitting diodes which is an alternative electrical light source rather than the traditional incandescent, halogen and fluorescent light bulbs.

With LED light bulbs being an electrical source of lighting, it does not need heat in order to reach their full potential. Instead, it will reach maximum brightness in an instant.

Without heat and much less electricity needed to power them, you will conserve much more energy and save a lot of money along the way.

Not only will these lights last longer because of that reason, but you will also be playing your part against rising energy bills and fighting against environmental issues.

With no lead involved in the making of these products, they will also be much safer for you, your family and your household in general.


How Long Will Your LED Light Bulb Last?

As we discussed previously, one of the biggest advantages of investing in LED accessories for your household, outdoor lighting or business premises is the unmatched lifespan.

As their use of energy with thermal management is one of their greatest features – LED lights will remove any heat that will try and affect the lifespan of the bulb.

Compared to incandescent or fluorescent lighting, if you work out the maths of how much money you will save by using LED bulbs – you will be extremely surprised.

With these bulbs lasting around 50,000 hours at their peak performance, you will slowly begin to realise that your decision for lighting needs to be changed.

However, no matter where you get your lighting from – you need to ensure that you’re going with a trusted provider. Often, some sellers will brag and exaggerate about their lighting and how long it can last to gain an unfair unique selling point.

Consequently, reading reviews on the company and the product itself is paramount to the success of your lighting display. Nevertheless, if you buy from a trusted company, expect your LED lights to last around 10 years from when you purchase them!


How to Effectively Dispose of Your LED Light Bulbs

How to dispose of LED light bulbs in the UK? Well… as the components used to make LED light bulbs are a lot less damaging to the environment compared to conventional forms of lighting – you will find that disposing of these will be a lot less harmful to the planet.

Some forms of LED lighting can be thrown away with the rest of your natural rubbish in your household or business. However, if the option is available to recycle these items – you should always take up that opportunity.

Not only will recycling be better for everybody and our future, but these subtle differences in lifestyle change may cause you to look at the other options for recycling.

Or, in general, you may just become more interested in taking care of the planet and finding new ways to improve your daily habits.

We appreciate that this may take a bit more time to recycle LED bulbs, but you will not have to do it often. The benefit of recycling these items is not only great for the environment – but, the materials of the light bulb can be used again (or completely shifted and manufactured into another product).

Within your household, if you’re already on the ball with effective recycling – this will be no problem. Nonetheless, if you don’t have storage for any recyclable items, you may need a separate bag or storage method for anything that can be put into your recycling bin, outside.

Before you begin recycling these bulbs and getting rid of them – you should ensure that the bulbs are actually recyclable.

Checking the labels/ back of the package to see if there is a recycling option that is obtainable when your light no longer works, is crucial for practical disposal.


Final Thoughts

Although people are beginning to realise the importance of being more environmentally friendly, there is still a long way to go. That being said, the small act of recycling LED lights can make a huge difference.

Pollution toward the environment will not only damage our ecosystem and potentially make certain animals extinct in the wild, but will also decrease the quality of food that we as humans will eat in the future.

With future generations depending on us (having the cleanest way of living possible), ensures that our duty of simple recycling and other environmentally friendly aspects needs to be taken seriously.

Investing in LED light bulbs and disposing of them accordingly will give us as a community the chance to make our mark on the world – whilst saving countless amounts of money and lives while we’re at it!

If you’re interested in making a difference today, consider looking into the LED lighting guides that will suit your needs – wherever you may be.

If you have an office that needs lighting renovation, or a house that needs a few more lighting areas – consider looking online today for your available options.


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