Modern kitchen designs would include cabinet lighting to increase the functionality of the space and elevate its aesthetics. When done correctly, not only will you have better visibility in the area, but also increase the value of your property!

Understanding Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet lighting is lighting installed under, above, and inside cabinets. Among the three, the most common and noticeable are under cabinet lighting.

As the name entails, under cabinet lights are installed under your cabinetry to illuminate the surface underneath. While some people do not see the value of having this fixture mounted, there are actually a lot of benefits to having them! Under cabinet lighting are used for task and accent lighting, and it’s available in various types, shapes, and size.

Some of the most famous under cabinet lights are LED strips, puck, and bar lights. Because of their varieties, this lighting solution is versatile enough to adapt to any space and boost its functionality!

Task Lighting: Illuminating Your Workspaces

As mentioned earlier, under cabinet lights are typically utilised for task lighting. Normally, if you have cabinetry or shelving installed above a work surface, it casts shadows. Because of the shadow, it’ll be more challenging to utilise the space, whether it’s your kitchen countertops, study area or workstation.

With under cabinet lighting, you can easily address the problem because the illumination is towards those areas! LED strip lights and puck lights are the perfect under-cabinet fixtures for task lighting. They’re easy to install and can produce outstanding brightness that can help you with your activities. You can also find battery-operated puck lights, perfect if you rent and if the room has limited power outlets.

Kitchen with cool white LED under cabinet light

Accent Lighting: Showcasing Cabinet Contents

While cabinets are usually used for storage, there are instances where you can use them as a decorative element. If you have glass-fronted cabinets, you can showcase the inside with an under cabinet light! You can also use LED strip lights and puck lights for this application. Just choose an appropriate colour to showcase your style and desired aesthetics!

To use cabinets to create visual interest or a focal point put ornaments, memorabilia, or artwork inside the glass-fronted cabinet (it’s better if the glass is clear rather than frosted). Then, line the cabinet lights under each shelf to highlight and showcase the contents of the cabinet. Surely, once done, that area will give the space more character and visual appeal!

Creating Ambient Lighting and Mood Lighting

Aside from task and accent lighting, under cabinet lights can also help with creating ambient and mood lighting. Since cabinet lights are relatively bright, they can supply enough illumination even if you decide to switch off or dim your main lights.

The trick to using under cabinet lights as ambient lights and mood light is by incorporating dimmers and selecting the right colour temperature! With dimmable cabinet lights, you can easily manipulate the brightness level to suit the atmosphere you want. Dim it to make a relaxing ambience and brighten it if you’re doing something. You can also opt for a warmer colour temperature to set a cosy and restful vibe on top of adjusting the brightness level!

For under cabinet lights in the kitchen, it’ll be best if you choose one that is dimmable and has an adjustable colour temperature so you can easily switch between the colours for when you need a task or ambient lighting.

Choosing the Right Cabinet Lighting

On the surface, you might think that selecting an under-cabinet light just needs to match your preferred aesthetics. However, there are more factors to consider other than the design of the fixture. Here are some that you need to keep in mind:

  • Brightness – If you want to use your under cabinet lights as the primary source of illumination in the room, you need to choose a higher lumens count. However, if it is for accent and task lighting, it can be less.
  • Colour Temperature – This factor depends on your preference. You can choose cool white, natural white or warm white light based on how you want your room’s overall visual to appear.
  • Energy Efficiency – LED under cabinet lights is the most energy-efficient among other varieties. If you wish to utilise your fixtures without worrying about your electricity bill, this is the version you should buy!

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Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

LED under cabinet lights is not only popular because of its diverse selection. Many also prefer it because of the other advantages it offers! Aside from producing outstanding light quality, it’s also energy efficient and long-lasting!

Since LED under cabinet lights can convert most of the power it consumes into light, it does not require much to produce remarkable luminance. Also, it can outlast traditional lighting fixtures because it does not have parts that burn easily! As a result, you’ll have savings from your lowered electricity bill and maintenance expenses!


LED under cabinet lights is an excellent lighting solution which you can use to boost the functionality of the space and upgrade its aesthetics. In addition, LED under cabinet lights will allow you to decrease your electrical consumption and maintenance costs. So, if you also want to experience all those benefits, visit our website Simple Lighting and browse through our extensive collection of cabinet lighting and other lighting solutions!


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