LED Lighting in a home is an important feature that serves to enhance mood, create a desired atmosphere, or to simply have as a functional, practical solution to dark areas. Light-emitting diodes (LED) lights have come into prominence in recent years because technology has advanced to the point where they are more functional, producing better quality that last longer and using less energy than conventional lights.

Differences in Types of LED Lighting

Consumers can choose from a wide range of lighting and design. LED strip lights can be used to highlight areas or articles, such as paintings, and their versatility is very popular. The flexible LED strip makes it easy to attach above or below cabinets to generate a glowing effect, which is quite calming. LED chips are attached to a flexible circuit board, and because they have different degrees of illumination, you can design the effect you desire with minimal effort. The lights are evenly spaced and easily installed due to their self-adhesion.

One caveat regarding LED strip lights is to use coated LED tape if they will be in the bathroom or kitchen because of the exposure to moisture and heat. For other areas of the home, where there is no exposure to harmful elements, a non-coated LED tape may be used. The tapes are powered by a driver, which may seem pricey initially, but the savings will come when less energy is consumed.

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The terms, rope lights and LED strips, often are used interchangeably. The difference is that LED strip lights are brighter than rope lights and are used to illuminate dark spaces that may be injurious to people if not properly lit, such as stairs. Rope lights are used more for decorative purposes or for very low light emphasis on or around an object. LED strips resist moisture, so you can use them in the bathroom or kitchen. A metal enclosure protects the dots. Because they have more chips, the strips are more illuminating than ropes. Other advantages of the LED strips are that they come in varying lengths, they are dimmable, they have different colour temperatures, and they are more intense. The cost depends on the quality and length.

RGB strip lighting is usually found in clubs, theatres, and at concerts, where the changing colours are controlled for a specific look. RGB means the red, green and blue colours from an LED lighting device. A single LED cannot change colour; it has to have the three separate colours in one covered with a tiny regulator to control them. This technology can also be used to tailor different alerts, such as in dedicated apps for text messages or email. Another use is with the television or desktop monitor. Placed behind the screen, the lights create a halo effect that is beneficial to prevent eyestrain, and it looks amazing. One brand of the RGB strip lighting has 16 different colours, which can be adjusted with the remote control to create the feel of a mini-theatre when used with the television.

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Benefits of Home LED Lighting

Mood Enhancement

The various types of lighting can have a positive effect on mood that relates to emotions, like sadness or happiness. Scientists and psychologists have found that light affects how the brain functions, incorporating feelings and thoughts. They have determined that lighting can regulate how a person feels and thinks. With that in mind, the ability to use and adjust the lighting in the home can create a more calming, peaceful environment. Psychologically, red generally signal energy; yellow indicates happiness; purple suggests royalty, and greens lean more toward nature.

Most people would agree that a dark room that is closed off by heavy drapes and a dim bulb is depressing. The light produced by opening the blinds or lighting a dim area can lift spirits and bring about a more joyful attitude. Of course, there is a time when you may want the cosiness associated with a dimmer environment, but LED lights can help in that situation, as well, because of their versatility. There is almost no place in the home where they cannot be an enhancement.


LED lighting is perfect for decorating an area that you want to accent, such as the bedroom or the kitchen. You can string them up for an enchanting evening to stave off the monotony of a boring room. Relax on the patio with calming lights that offer a soft, warm glow. You can purchase waterproof strip lights made especially for the outdoors that can be moulded into any shape you desire.

Become creative and develop some jaw-dropping designs that will impress your guests and family. Perhaps you can try lights in bottles, silhouettes on the wall using cutouts, or string them around the island in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless. LED strips can create new energy in the home with a beautiful, chic appeal that will inspire you to be even more imaginative.

Lighting designers are using strip lights more and more frequently, but you may choose to be your own designer. Before you purchase strips, determine the number of feet needed for the project. Compare quality and prices. Check the type of chip and the number of chips on the reel. Using a complete lighting kit, you can design your lighting and be as creative as you want. Depending on the design, you may need different types of strips. That is why it is important for you, as a do-it-yourselfer, to know what and where you will be lighting, how you want to control the lights, the colours you want, the lumen output, and the overall look you desire.

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Where to put strip lighting is limited only by your imagination. How about under the bed, inside box shelves, synchronized with your music, or inside the refrigerator (especially older models). Add a timer so the lights will go out when you close the door. Put them in place of Christmas lights. For a calming ambience, the glow above your tub while you soak in a bubble bath is quite luxurious.

However you choose to use light strips, you will find that they add character to your home. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, strip lights can be put in areas where conventional lights cannot be used, such as inside drawers and along the top of baseboards. They do come in a variety of colours and the RGB LED tape varieties can easily add character to a boring object. Their versatility and functionality are the features that people love most. Try something creative, like repurposing an old table or mirror so that it becomes a work of art that is unique and speaks to your personality.

Home Security

Used for home security, LED lights to provide brightness in dark areas that criminals may seek out. Their use, as motion-activated night lights, is a great home security asset. Dark walkways or porches can be instantly illuminated as soon as someone or something approaches. Indoors, they can be the perfect solution for hallways, dark closets and cabinets. The sensor will automatically detect movement within 10 feet and will switch on. Because they are battery operated, there is no need for electric wiring. Plug-in night lights are perfect if you need soft light to be able to see around an area. They consume very little energy and will turn on automatically from dusk to dawn.

LED solar-powered lights are an effective option for having porch lights on all night. Powered by the sun and motion-triggered, they are great energy savers. Having bright lights illuminate a large area is a huge deterrent to thieves because it catches them unawares. The challenge here is to make sure the unit gets enough sunlight, even in the winter months. Various companies sell these types of lighting. Research the ones that will meet your needs best.

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Choosing The Right Type of LED Lighting

LED lights are usually packaged on a spool, so you can easily unwind the exact amount you need for your project. It also makes it easy to see the size of the strip and the number of LEDs on the strip. Instead of wattage, LEDs are measured in lumens, which is the brightness as we see it.

Be aware of the voltage that is required to power the flexible LED lights. They will not produce the desired effect if the voltage of the light strip does not match the voltage of the power supply, so choosing the right power unit is critical to using the strips practically and safely.

LED strips can be purchased online or at major stores, making it easy to acquire them. They are a wonderful substitute for xenon, incandescent and halogen lighting because they are long-lasting, durable, easily powered, and require less energy. The ability to cut to the desired length and the adhesive back makes it easy to hide so that you only see the glow.

If you do not feel knowledgeable enough to work beyond the most rudimentary level, seek help from someone who knows what he or she is doing. You will like the results much better if it is installed well.


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