Before, the sole purpose of lighting was to illuminate a space. All you needed from your lights was to help you see what you were doing and keep you safe instead of performing tasks in the darkness. However, people started seeing the difference between a correctly laid out lighting plan and just sticking a bulb into the main ceiling light to provide light to an area. 

Lighting is now used to accentuate places in your home that you want to feature and hiding spots that do not coincide with your aesthetic vision. So, if you’re ready to carefully craft your lighting plan to scale up your home’s interior, then you should consider LED recessed lighting.

What is LED recessed lighting?

LED recessed lighting is a type of lighting design that you install flush with the ceiling instead of (or as well as) having pendants hanging down. They make your room look more elegant and sleeker since there’s little to no gigantic or obtrusive lighting fixtures. Your room will look like a blank canvas with exquisite lighting that highlights essential facets that you want to showcase. You don’t always need to have superb lights to make your room look fabulous. Sometimes all you need is a simple fixture like this to tie up the theme that you want to achieve.

One more thing, since we’re talking about LED recessed lighting, you can guarantee that they inherited an LED’s energy efficiency, so you’re sure that even if you use multiple downlights, your electric bills won’t suddenly skyrocket. 

Why should you use LED recessed lighting?

Aside from the incredible aesthetics that you end up with, there are other benefits that you can get if you start using LED recessed lighting. But before we dive into that, we need to address the elephant in the room, downlights vs recessed lighting; which is better? If you’ve been using downlights for decades and are curious if there’s any difference, there’s absolutely none. Downlights are also sometimes called LED downlights, so they’re basically the same. However, track lights are also sometimes called downlights, and downlights are also sometimes called spotlights, but let’s not get into that confusion here.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s start with the benefits of using LED recessed lighting.

LED recessed lighting creates a bigger visual space

Gorgeous Country Home with Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights take less of your visual perception because they are mounted “into” your ceiling, not “on” your ceiling. Plus, they don’t have any dangling elements that can disrupt perspective and create unnecessary noise. If you’re working with a low ceiling and a small area, it’s best to go with recessed lighting instead of fancy chandeliers or pendant lights.

LED recessed lighting has a wall-washing effect that makes a room look bigger

If you have no idea what wall-washing is, it simply means a lighting effect where you choose the appropriate trims for the fixture to cast more light. To achieve this, you need to have the correct parts to work with and a professional who can advise you on what to use. However, if you want to try it out yourself, this lighting effect usually requires a light scoop and directional reflector, which will direct the lights onto the wall. If your home has a sloped ceiling, you can use an “eyeball trim”. 

LED recessed lighting will give you full coverage of light

Typically having the standard ceiling lights will provide you with enough light to brighten up the room. However, the brightness does not extend to the edges of the space. Because of this, you’ll end up with uneven brightness, which is not ideal, especially in places where you do a lot of work. When it comes to recessed lighting, you can position them in a way that every inch in your room will be enveloped with bright lights. 

LED recessed lighting can highlight focal points in your home

When choosing your recessed lighting, you have the option to go for a fixed or adjustable ’tilt’ variety. You can use both to emphasise unique features in your home that will enhance your interior design. The only difference between the two is that fixed downlights have a steady downward beam so, if you’re using them, you need to ensure that you’re set with the location of your lights because you cannot adjust the light beam’s trajectory. On the flip side, adjustable/tilt downlights will give you more freedom to rearrange your space whenever you’re feeling like doing a makeover. Since they’re adjustable, you can redirect the beam’s trajectory to the area or pieces you want to accentuate.  

LED recessed lighting will never go out of style

Beautiful Modern Receiving Area with Recessed Lights

Most pendant lights, chandeliers, floor lamps, and wall lights have a fancy and elaborate design that may fade over time. Do you know how trendy clothes look outdated when a new wave starts to emerge? The same analogy can apply to designer and intricately crafted lights. So, how can simple and standard LED recessed lighting go out of style if it looks so basic? It never will! Basics, neutral tones, minimal design are the qualities or a style that will never fade over the years. That is why a simple yet classy recessed lighting will never look out of place, even if you’ve had them for years.

That wraps it up! So, if you need some recessed lighting since you also want to experience the benefits that we laid out, you can visit the downlights section of our website because we have a comprehensive collection that you’ll surely like!


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