When was the last time that you updated your office lights? Are you still stuck in the past with the low buzzing noise from your fluorescent lamp? If it’s been years since you last upgraded your office space, take this as a sign that you should! You’re possibly spending way more on your electrical consumption than you should be because your lighting system is outdated.

LED fixtures are the best alternative to traditional lighting units. They are far more energy-efficient, long-lasting and eco-friendly compared to halogens, incandescent and fluorescents. Also, with the variety of LED fittings available, you’ll be able to customise your lighting design to suit your requirements!


What is an LED Panel?

When it comes to commercial lighting, LED panel lights are proven to be the best alternative to fluorescent tubes and panels. It’ll allow you to see your working area clearly, provide the proper ambience and level up the visual appeal of the space.

Traditional fluorescent panels are usually dim and unattractive, needing panel removal to swap out bulbs and clean dust build-up and lodging insects! On the other hand, LED panels produce a stunning skylight appearance for as long as 50,000 hours while only consuming half the power of a fluorescent bulb. Less cost, low maintenance and better light quality make an LED panel superior to traditional fixtures.


Back-Lit and Edge-Lit LED Panels

Aside from office spaces, LED panels can be incorporated into various establishments like schools, hospitals, warehouses, libraries and more. However, choosing to use an LED panel is only the first step. Afterwards, you need to decide which type of panels you will incorporate in your space: back-lit or edge-lit.


Edge-Lit LED Panel

The light source of this panel rests along its perimeter, which generally comes with a protective aluminium covering. The light radiated from the edges is dispersed towards the centre, creating an even, shadowless light dispersal.

Edge-lit panels are ideal for industrial warehouses with multiple shelving units. Since the light is evenly distributed, there are fewer to zero shadows to hinder vision in-between shelves.

Because the LED chips are situated at the edges, edge-lit panels can be constructed thinner. Thanks to the slim design, you can do various means of installation, including recessed, suspended or surface-mounted. With this variability, edge-lit panels will stimulate you to come up with unique interior design combinations!


Back-Lit LED Panel

As the name entails, the light source of a back-lit panel is found at the back. The illumination is carried out across the panel and evenly spread into the space. Unlike edge-lit panels, a back-lit version is relatively thicker to achieve a uniform light allocation. Because of this, you only have limited mounting options.
Although, note that while back-lit LED panels are less slim and refined than edge-lit panels, it’s more affordable. Since they cost less, you don’t need to cash out a massive sum for your initial investment, allowing you to portion out some of your budgets for other projects!

In addition, a back-lit panel only requires fewer LED bulbs since the concentration of the light source is in one area. You’ll need more for an edge-lit panel since it needs to go around the edges. Because you’re using fewer bulbs, you’ll lower your energy consumption, giving you more savings in the long run!


Which is Better: Edge Lit or Back Lit?

Edge-lit and back-lit LED panels are excellent lighting solutions with minimal differences. Both can produce brilliant, natural-looking light and significantly upgrade traditional fluorescent fittings.

Before purchasing anything, you need to consider all the factors of these panels. This includes utility, appearance, cost and efficiency to determine the best lighting solution for your space. What may look suitable for other offices may not be great for different establishments.

If you need something more aesthetically appealing, shadowless and not against paying a higher electricity bill and investment cost, edge-lit panels are suitable for you. On the flip side, if you prefer something less expensive but more energy-efficient and practical, back-lit panels are the better choice!

The bottom line, both panels have pros and cons, and it’s up to you to determine which fits your standards. Edge-lit is not better than back-lit and vice versa because, as side earlier, they’re the same with minor disparities. It’s a matter of personal standards and requirements that decide which is most ideal for you!


Advantages of LED Panels

Still not convinced to switch to LED panels after all the reasons above? That may finally change after going deeper into each benefit!

  • Outstanding Light Quality. LED panels provide equal and balanced light distribution throughout the entire area, and it’s safe, unlike other traditional lighting that contains harmful chemicals. Also, it emits less heat and makes employees feel more productive and less stressed.
  • Green Lighting Solution. LED panels can help your business become more eco-friendly. It consumes less energy and last long! This means there are fewer panels that you’ll throw away, keeping your landfill occupancy low.
  • Durable. LED panels have a longer average lifespan than fluorescent tubes. Because it’s hardwearing, this can reduce your maintenance cost and add to your savings! Aside from that, LEDs have lower lumens depreciation, so their light quality will only fade after their lifespan and not fail like some lighting fixtures.
  • Smart Controls. Being designed with the latest lighting technology, LED panels pair well with other advance devices, like smart controls! Depending on the panel you have and the function of the gadget you’re using, you can dim/brighten, change the colour temperature, schedule wake and sleep hours, and more!

LED panels, whether back-lit or edge-lit, are the best investment you can get for your office. It enables you to save a lot on your maintenance and electrical expenses. Also, it creates an excellent work environment that allows employees to be productive, safe and healthy (mentally and physically). So, if you don’t know where to get your LED panels, visit our website, Simple lighting. We have an extensive range of lighting solutions, including LED panels, downlights, lighting accessories and more!


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