How many hours do you spend in the office? Maybe around eight to ten hours or even more if you need to have overtime. If you think about it, more than half of your day is spent in the office, and less than that is the time you spend at home. So, if you have a terrible work environment with flickering lights that emits so much heat that it’s starting to cause you a headache, it’ll make you want to quit.

If that is the case, how can you improve your work condition? One thing, change your old fluorescent tubes to LED office panel lights! (or suggest this to your boss!)

What are LED panel lights?

This type of lighting fixture is specifically designed to replace a standard fluorescent ceiling light. The LED panel is commonly made with a lightweight aluminium frame and a back cover, preventing the light from leaking, giving you a full brightness. One of our LED panel lights typically has a large surface area, so you don’t need many panels to light an entire office or commercial space.

What are the advantages of LED panel lights?

If you’re looking for proof to convince you to switch, here are some of the advantages of having LED office panel lights!

Excellent Light Quality

LED Panel Lights in an Office

LED office panel lights are, first and foremost, known for their incredible brightness that helps address the mental and physical aftermath caused by long-term exposure to fluorescent lighting. They produce a balanced and equal light distribution to the entire area where they are positioned. Generally, LEDs are far better than other types of lights because they are safe and compared to incandescent bulbs, the amount of UV light that LEDs give off is tiny or non-existent. More importantly, LED lights radiate less heat and do not contain any toxic chemicals like mercury. With this kind of light in your office, your employees will experience less stress, feel healthier, safer and be more productive.

Environmentally Friendly

Having savings in your finances and contributing to saving the environment will leave a sweet taste in your mouth. With LED office panel lights, your business will help save Mother Nature since they don’t expel any harmful chemicals, produce less heat and consume less energy than fluorescent lamps. Lowering your energy consumption will lessen the demand for power plants and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. So, where does this leave you? You’ll get more significant savings since LEDs will cut down your energy consumption! It’s an absolute win for you and the environment!

Long-Lasting and Sturdy

Aside from the savings from electrical consumption, you’ll also be able to lower your maintenance cost. LED office panel lights have increased longevity, and one panel is expected to last for about 25,000 hours! Compared to its non-LED counterpart, LED panel lights can last 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs and around 12 times longer than fluorescent tubes. The lifespan of LED lamps is measured by lumen depreciation meaning the brightness of light will slowly decrease towards the end of their lifespan rather than suddenly flailing like other non-LED bulbs.

Smart Controls and Dimming Ability

Alexa and Google Home Powered LED Panel Lights

Some LED office panel lights can be integrated with a smart device, so you’ll be able to control them with your phone, Google or Alexa conveniently. You can also set a specific time when the lights should be on or off and bright or dim. Being able to adjust the atmosphere in your office will contribute to employees’ morale since they see that their workplace is also looking after their health. Additionally, with dimmable LED panels, you’ll be able to save more energy since you can dim the lights during breaks and put them to full brightness during office hours.

No Bulky Fixtures

LED office panel lights are extremely thin, making them the ideal lighting fixture for shallow ceilings. Plus, these lights are super lightweight and can be easily installed, which can reduce your labour cost when you’re updating your office lights or installing panels in a new building.

How do you choose the right LED panel light?

If you’re confused about which LED panel light is the best for your workplace or how many panel lights you need, start by evaluating your office. Take a look at the blueprint or walk through your space. Then determine the purpose of each room or area and how much lighting the people in that area need. From there, you can slowly identify the number of panels you’ll need and what kinds of panels work best in that space.

LED office panel lights are not one-size-fits-all because there are various sizes and colours that you can choose from to perfect your lighting plan. A single 600mm x 600mm LED panel light can illuminate a small area of your office like a desk cubicle, so you can purchase several of these for each cubicle you have.

Alternatively, you can use a 1200mm x 600mm LED panel light if you’re lighting your conference room or a larger space.

Aside from sizes and colours, LED office panel lights also come in different shapes, so you can choose which one matches your aesthetics best.

There you have it! Now that we’ve enumerated all the benefits of having LED office panel lights, it’s time to surrender your old fluorescent bulbs and replace them with this better option. We have an extensive collection of LED panel lights that you can choose from, which you can check out on our online lighting store, Simple Lighting!


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