Industrial design is the combination of the philosophy of minimalist design and exposed architectural elements such as bricks, concrete, and pipes. It’s the perfect interior aesthetic for urban lofts because you’ll be able to maximise the style in its modern compact spaces with open floorplans!

While industrial interior design puts emphasis on rustic or farm-style aesthetics, this design scheme surprisingly goes well with modern lighting. The sleek look for modern lights with the rawness of industrial elements creates a beautiful balance between elegance and being laid back!

Embracing Industrial Chic Style

There are a few elements that you should focus on when styling an industrial interior. Here’s a closer look at each!

  • Neutral Colour Palette – Unlike minimalist designs that centre on whites, industrial aesthetics utilise the spectrum of black, greys, whites, and neutral shades of brown.
  • Natural Light – Industrial design welcomes natural light through its massive windows with black panes or grid patterns.
  • Architectural Materials – Typically, industrial-styled homes have open floorplans with high ceilings. Instead of smoothing the walls with wallpaper or drywall, it embraces exposed concrete floors, industrial pipes, bricks and visible ductwork.
  • Repurposed Materials – Wooden coffee tables sporting castor wheels, bookshelves made from reclaimed wood or other repurposed materials are brought in to equalise the metal-heavy materials.
  • Bare Light Bulbs – Solo Eddison bulbs or in a decorative group are the common lighting solutions in an industrial design.

Aside from incorporating those elements into your interior, you should not forget to illuminate your space. Nothing will be appreciated if your entire home has barely enough illumination. Modern lighting can effortlessly complement your aesthetic and enhance the visual appeal of your area!

Types of Modern Lighting Fixtures

Yes, you need to incorporate lights in the space, but what types of fixtures should you use? Here are some that you should consider!

pendant lights banner

Pendant lights are excellent for task lighting and ambient lighting. It can also help naturally segment the openness of an urban loft. To bring in the industrial vibe you are after, look for a pendant lamp within the neutral colour palette or those that use pipes, exposed bulbs, or other industrial elements. Then, you can install them directly over your kitchen island or dining table!

Another option you can try is track lights. This lighting solution can highlight particular elements you want to showcase in your space. Also, track lights are perfect for urban lofts and industrial interior designs as it’s flexible enough to meet various lighting requirements!

Statement Pendant Lights

Adding statement pendant lights into the room defines a space and creates a focal point. You can try oversized, metal or geometric pendant lights when selecting a statement pendant light. Remember, urban lofts usually have high ceilings with an open floorplan, so proportion your statement pendants to your room. Nonetheless, don’t choose something that will occupy the majority of your living space or inconvenience your daily routine.

Track Lighting for Flexibility

If statement pendants boost the visual appeal of the space, track lights increase their functionality. As mentioned earlier, track lights are flexible enough to meet your diverse lighting demands. It’s easily adjustable, and you can direct the light beams to the areas you want to showcase. When selecting track lights, black is the typical go-to finish. However, if you find something unique that will go well with the industrial aesthetic, go for it!

Industrial-Inspired Chandeliers

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when thinking about chandeliers? It’s the classic massive fixture with many crystals and tiny bulbs, right? Modern chandeliers are simpler and sleeker than traditional ones. As for industrial-inspired chandeliers, it’s more revolutionary and exceptional!

industrial chandelier

What’s remarkable about industrial chandeliers is the fusion of exposed bulbs, wires, and metals. Some have unique shapes and structures that add character to a space. Consider a chandelier over a pendant lamp if you have a really massive loft. Just ensure that it matches with the rest of your aesthetics!

Industrial Wall Scones

Wall scones are excellent task lighting and add visual interest to a room. You can install it in your reading nook, over your bedside table, or in your hallway. You can also use wall scones to accentuate architectural features in your space! Industrial wall scones are made with metals, pipes, and exposed bulbs like industrial pendants, tracks, and chandeliers.

Mixing and Matching Lighting Fixtures

You will more or less use three or four types of lighting fixtures. Sometimes, people mix and match too much, so they end up with mismatched styles. There are factors that you need to think about when mixing and matching to ensure that you’re not just mixing everything together.

Consider the proportion, placement, and scale of your lighting fixtures. If you have a massive chandelier in your living room, pairing it with a huge pendant light may not be a good idea. Visualising the space before buying is essential to prevent wasting your money. If you’re having trouble, look for inspirational photos online or consult a friend who’s excellent with interior design!


When designing an industrial urban loft, ensure that you have a neutral palette, many natural lightings, and mix in many architectural materials (pipes, concrete, bricks, etc.), repurposed wood, and exposed bulbs. When lighting an industrial-themed space, mix and match different types of lighting fixtures, but ensure they’re proportional and complementary to each other and your entire home!

If you’re looking for modern lighting fixtures for your urban loft with an industrial interior design, visit our website, Simple Lighting! We have an extensive collection of high-quality indoor, outdoor, and commercial LED lighting that you will surely love!


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